Your Denplan 2020

Here’s to another year of happy healthy smiles!

As the days get longer and the weather gets colder, it’s very tempting to avoid the outdoors. But just because it’s a little colder and wetter doesn’t mean that autumn is a time to avoid. 

Getting out into nature is fun and gives health benefits all year round. Take a look at the articles below to find out what the environment does for your health and get some great ideas for autumnal activities! 

What can nature do for your health?

7 Autumn Nature Activities

Because our environment is so important to every aspect of our health, we’ve made every effort in 2019 to make Denplan payment plans more environmentally friendly. 

You can read the below article to find ten easy ways we’ve found to reduce your impact on the environment this autumn. 

10 easy tips for a sustainable autumn

It’s not just our environment that we’re caring for. As a part of Simplyhealth, we’re proud to support a number of charities that help the people in our communities access healthcare and make the most of everyday life. 

Read our charitable giving report 


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