Plans and cover options

Below you will find all the plans and cover options available to schools.

We offer dental cover for pupils of Independent Schools and give you a choice of payment options to suit you. Schools and parents can enjoy the year round peace of mind that comes from worldwide cover provided by the UK's leading dental plan provider. 

Why choose Denplan for Schools? 
Plan Price
Denplan for Schools
£1.99 per pupil per term

Denplan for schools
(Opt in )
£4.99 per pupil per term
£3.50 per pupil per term
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Plans and cover options for schools

Dental injury and Emergency cover - from £1.99 per pupil per term

When a pupil is covered under Denplan for Schools, all benefits apply all year round regardless of when term time starts and ends.

  • £10,000 a year for the costs of treatment required as a result of a dental injury
  • £5,000 per policy year for loss of a tooth or teeth
  • £1,500 for a front tooth
  • £750 for a back tooth
  • £100 for a wisdom tooth

Worldwide dental emergency treatment cover pupils for up to £2,000 per policy year towards the cost of emergency treatment anywhere in the world. 

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Funding options

Inclusive - This option lets the school offer dental cover to all pupils as part of their attendance. The small cost of £1.99 per term is included in the termly fee bill sent to parents by the school. Parents, pupils and staff of the school alike are safe in the knowledge that if a dental injury should occur, all pupils are covered.

Opt in - The school makes parents aware that dental cover is available at a cost of £4.99 per term. If the parent wishes to take out a plan for their child, they notify the school who add the costs to the termly bill.

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