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As our lives and businesses are now inextricably bound by the current state of the coronavirus, this is a source of practical, clinical and policy advice from a variety of leading sources.

The latest news and guidance to help dental practices through the pandemic and beyond:

How Denplan helped through lockdown

Jonathan Hiscocks, dentist at New Town Dental Practice profile image


Dentist Jonathan Hiscocks, partner at New Town Dental Care in Edinburgh, talks about some of Denplan’s key services which have benefitted him and his team throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Our support services

Communicating with patients in the new world

Talking with the dental practice team over video call


Jo Banks, Client Training Manager at Denplan, looks at how dentists are communicating with their patients remotely, and the benefits that can bring as we move forward. 

Evaluating remote communications

The psychological challenges of COVID-19

Shopping with a facemask on during the pandemic


Dr Chet Trivedy explores ways to minimise, or at least help us understand, the effects of COVID-19 on our psychological state.

The mental impacts of coronavirus

How we used 'The Pause'

Catherine Rutland profile picture - Clinical Director


Clinical Director Catherine Rutland explains what 'the pause' was, and why we shouldn't, as life slowly shifts into the new normal, forget what we've learnt.

What was 'The Pause'?

More support for your practice

Dental practice receptionist and marketing materials


An expert selection of advice and general support for your practice. including information on retirement and pensions. 

Dental practice advice

Guidance on the patient contract during COVID-19

Dealing with dental contracts during COVID-19


Richard Thompson, Senior Legal Counsel at Simplyhealth, provides some clarity about how the current climate impact dentists’ contractual obligations to their patients.

Patient contract guidance from Denplan

Hope for the dental profession

Dentist with a patient both wearing face masks


A message for our Denplan members during coronavirus and lockdown. Written by Catherine Rutland, published in May 2020. 

Light at the end of the tunnel

How COVID-19 might have a lasting impact on dentistry

Dr Roger Matthews profile picture


Dr Roger Matthews examines the future of dentistry after a pandemic and shares his predictions for what's to come. 

The prediction for dentistry

Look after your health and wellbeing

Dentist cycling through the countryside to enhance mental health


Don't forget about yourself in the pandemic. Discover articles to maintain your physical and mental health. 
Health and wellbeing articles
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