Denplan Excel and DEPPA

A comprehensive certification programme for our member dentists

We know that coping with changes in dental regulation is a concern for our practices. We also know that education and communication is of upmost importance in encouraging patients to maintain good oral health.

That’s why we developed Denplan Excel.

Recognised by the British Dental Health Foundation, Denplan Excel is a comprehensive clinical governance programme and an invaluable compliance tool for practices. It also includes an innovative patient communication framework providing individualised patient clinical risk assessments and oral health scores.

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Denplan Excel Certification

Our certification programme.

Exclusively for member dentists.
DEPPA output example

DEPPA and Young DEPPA- our innovative patient assessment tool

Young DEPPA is now free for all our members

When you apply for Excel, you’ll also free gain access to our market leading patient communication and assessment tool, DEPPA (Denplan Previser patient Assessment). This measures patients’ oral health whilst helping also them understand their future disease risk. Young DEPPA is an extension of this solely targeted at measuring children’s oral health.

DEPPA is free to all Denplan Excel certified members and is also now available to member dentists who do not have the Excel certification for £110 per month (inc VAT) for up to two dentists in a practice (£150 per month for three or four dentists).

We are now pleased to announce that YDEPPA is free of charge for members to take full advantage off its benefits for younger patients*

For more information and to apply for DEPPA and Young DEPPA, visit this page.

Information and apply for DEPPA

*This offer is limited and will be subject to review in the future.

Use the accordions below to navigate to more information about Excel and DEPPA and how to apply.

Denplan Excel
Once you become a member dentist you can chose to become certified for the Excel programme. Once you have applied for Denplan Excel we’ll help and support you in setting up each component required to attain the certification within your practice. For more information about what components are required, click on the Components to Excel button below.

Denplan Excel is a certification programme for dentists to demonstrate excellence in quality assurance, patient care and communication. Denplan Excel accreditation demonstrates to your patients, staff and peers that you value and achieve high standards and that your practice follows effective processes for complying with these regulations.

Our one off set up fee is £110.

The benefits

For your practice

  • A visual sign of your commitment to exceeding standards in dentistry and meeting or exceeding statutory requirements of Clinical Governance
  • Our innovative DEPPA tool allows you to assess and monitor patient oral health and future disease risk to aid care planning and measure clinical outcomes. Find out how it can benefit your practice and patients here
  • Professional support including peer support in dealing with compliance that keeps you up to date and motivated
  • The Business Development Patient Survey – this allows you to plan improvements based on patient feedback and provides a significant cost saving (typical independent survey costs £1,320 + VAT at the prevailing rate)
  • Discounted patient leaflets supported by the BDHF to aid your delivery of patient education.

For your patients

  • The Business Development and Patient survey provides a confidential way for patients to give feedback on the care they receive and reassures them that their views are heard, valued and acted upon
  • Enhances patient understanding of the care and treatment available
  • Provides information that patients can take away and read at their leisure
  • Enhances feelings of inclusion in treatment decisions and motivates patients to maintain and improve their oral health over time
  • Reassures patients that their dentist is practising in line with current good practice recommendations and is complying with current dental regulation
  • Shows patients that you’re committed to quality care and continuous improvement, and have their best interests at heart 
What's involved

The core components

There are three components that must be completed. These are:

1. The Denplan Quality Programme

2. The Business Development Patient Survey

3. Patient Information (PI)

If you’d like more information on the components of Denplan Excel please contact the Practice Support team on 0800 3283223.

The Practice Commitment

In applying for this prestigious certification each Denplan Excel practitioner and their team commit to support a consistent Practice Commitment.

The Denplan Excel certification programme bases its quality assurance on a consistent Practice Commitment which all certified dentists and their teams are asked to sign. We provide very specific and practical supporting components, or tools which you can apply within your practice.

View the Practice Commitment in full by logging in to your online dashboard »

The Practice Commitment

In applying for this prestigious certification each Denplan Excel practitioner and their team commit to support a consistent Practice Commitment.

The Denplan Excel certification programme bases its quality assurance on a consistent Practice Commitment which all certified dentists and their teams are asked to sign. We provide very specific and practical supporting components, or tools which you can apply within your practice.

View the Practice Commitment in full by logging in to your online dashboard »

The costs

The cost of applying for the Denplan Excel certification

The one-off set-up fee is £110 per dentist, per practice. It covers:

  • Supply of all mandatory materials
  • Initial on-site Denplan Excel practice team training
  • Enhanced support from your Dental Business Consultant and clinical teams
  • Certification assessment
  • Supply of plaque and certificate

The monthly ongoing fee covers on-going support from us and varies depending on how many dentists from your practice participate in the Denplan Excel certification programme and the total number of Denplan patients registered with all of them.

Included in this monthly fee is a range of on-going support from us, including: 

  • Re-certification by a Practice Advisor, approximately every 18 months
  • Certification documentation
  • A confidential Business Development Patient Survey and report worth approximately £1,320 (+ VAT at the prevailing rate)

Please note:

  • There is now no additional charge for an certified dentist being certified at an additional practice location. If an additional Denplan Excel plaque is required, it will be charged at cost price (£50).

Monthly fee (per dentist)

Charges are per month and inclusive of VAT 

Denplan patient numbers*  Denplan Excel fee 
3001 + £29.50 
2001 - 3000 £40.00
751 - 2000 £46.00 
251 - 750 £51.50 
0 - 250  £110.00

*This is the total number of Denplan patients treated by the dentists in the practice with the Denplan Excel certification programme

The monthly fee does not cover you for chargeable support literature which will be invoiced when you receive them. 

Apply for Denplan Excel

There are three key steps to Denplan Excel

  1. Complete the short Excel application form online - you can access this by logging in. Once we’ve received your application we’ll contact you to confirm your preferred method of payment for start up and ongoing fees.
  2. We’ll arrange training for your practice team, send you Denplan Excel materials and inform you how to start using the materials in practice. An assessment day will also be agreed in advance.
  3. We’ll follow up with in-practice support and then the certification assessment visit will carried out by a Practice Advisor on the agreed date.

If you’re already a member, just login to your dashboard and complete the application form for Denplan Excel or if you have any queries about the programme do not hesitate to contact your Dental Business Consultant or Practice Support Advisor on 0800 328 3223.

Apply for Denplan Excel

If you’re not a member dentist then you can click here to find out more about membership 

What is DEPPA and Young DEPPA?

Give your patients the first evidence based risk report in private dentistry in the UK

The new Denplan PreViser Patient Assessment (DEPPA) measures patients’ oral health while also helping them understand their individual future risk of Periodontal disease, caries, tooth wear and mouth cancer. Over 85,000 adults have benefitted from DEPPA already.

Young DEPPA is an extension of this to engage and motivate younger patients and their parents / carers and is now FREE* for all members to take full advantage of its benefits for younger patients

DEPPA is available free of charge to all Denplan Excel certified member dentists. Non-Excel certified member dentists can also benefit for just £100 per month (inc VAT) for up to two dentists in a practice or for £150 per month for three or four dentists. Signing up takes just minutes and DEPPA and Young DEPPA can add value to you and your patients in the following ways:

Both provide an instantaneous online report showing the patient’s Oral Health Score (OHS) alongside a detailed, evidence based assessment of their future risk for caries, periodontal disease, tooth surface loss and oral cancer.

Find out more about the benefits of DEPPA for your practice and patients here

Some of the benefits of DEPPA and Young DEPPA

  • Provides a contemporary protocol for full patient assessment
  • Includes oral health status scoring to measure clinical outcomes
  • Includes annual benchmarked reports to support clinical audit
  • The colour coded risk assessment and for children, colour coded faces, supports communication, engagement and motivation of patients, parents and children
  • Clinical audit is supported by DEPPA
  • Supports you in maintaining effective pricing (includes indicative Denplan payment plan fee category at each assessment)

*This offer is limited and will be subject to review in the future.

What do our dentists think?

“It’s proving very popular with my patients. An unexpected benefit has been treatment uptake by fee per item patients who have undergone the DEPPA assessment. I’m sure DEPPA is going to increase revenue at the practice”. Dr S A Clavell-Bate

“It is all going well and we have managed to complete a DEPPA within the 15 minutes allocated to a routine examination, with good feedback from our patients”. Dr N Chappell

“DEPPA provides a sleek and elegant solution to some of the needs within general dental practice - without cumbersome paperwork or ‘clunky’ outdated and underdeveloped software. Patients have been very appreciative of the approach and it’s opened dialogue in ways none of us had expected”. Dr M Colwell

"What I really like about the DEPPA is that it brings the three elements of RISK, Oral Health Score and Denplan category all together." - Steve, Denplan Excel dentist 

"It is all going well and we have managed to complete a DEPPA within the 15 minutes allocated to a routine examination, with good feedback from our patients. We have also managed to import the pdf reports into our Exact dental software in the 'contacts' section so that they are saved to the patients record and can be viewed or reprinted in chronological order at any time in the future or for audit/CQC/practice inspection." Neil, Denplan Excel dentist 

"The first is DEPPA. Downloading Google Chrome worked a treat, I can now complete the information on line and print a copy and save a PDF. I find it very comforting to use a series of information to collate an evidence based report on risk and then make recommendations based on this rather than just using 'gut feeling'. I have completed my first 10-20 examinations with it and am already finding patients where I have missed that they are high caries/perio risk and have altered fluoride/hygiene/x-ray intervals accordingly and it is proving very popular with my patients."  Simon, Denplan Excel Dentist

What our patients say:

"I am entirely satisfied with the service I receive from my dentist. It is very reassuring to know that he has carried out such a detailed assessment and made me fully aware of my dental health and any preventative action that could be taken for the future." - Felicity, Denplan Excel patient  

"I feel very confident that the DEPPA process is extremely important in keeping a close guard on my oral health. It is not only a necessary process but a convenient one too as it's done during a routine visit." - Heather, Denplan Excel patient

“At my check-up this morning my dentist assessed my oral health with the new online tool, DEPPA. There were a lot of questions to answer but once we had finished the report came up really quickly. I found it very well worded so that anybody would be able to read and understand it. The visuals of the red and green were really good and helped me understand the condition my teeth were in and what I needed to do to maintain them. It was nice to know that this is provided for Denplan patients and it gives us a clear idea of what we can do to help ourselves keep dentally fit. I also found it helped me chat with my dentist about my oral health. I think it would be ideal for people who find it uncomfortable talking with their dentists (especially if their teeth weren’t that good). I am pretty good at looking after my teeth but I have the report and will be able to refer to it now and again just to remind myself!” -Joanna, Denplan patient

"I found this a delightful experience and it will really help keep me on track with my dental health in-between visits to the dentist and hygienist." - Catherine, Denplan Excel patient 

"My Dentist was very professional and explained things clearly to me. The DEPPA literature I received helped me understand how to best look after my teeth." - Angela, Denplan Excel patient 

"Made me think more about my teeth!" - Jerry, Denplan Excel patient

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