Plans for your patients

Dental plans to suit everyone

We bend over backwards to give more choice to you and your patients.

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We offer the following dental plans for your patients:

In addition to these plans, we also offer:

Our dental payment plans are flexible and easy to set up

Each patient is unique, so our plans are designed to suit a variety of budgets and dental needs.

Ranging from basic maintenance to more complex treatments, we have a plan to suit all patients.

You have the flexibility to set your patients' fees for them.

Use a Denplan payment plan alongside your brand, to attract new patients, as well as offering existing patients a way to budget for dental care.

We’re more than just a payment plan provider

We have an extensive range of services available, such as:

Our Customer Advisor Team can help to save you time by taking care of queries that your patients may have about their plans. 

We can help to retain existing patients, and complete plan administration to make it easy for new patients to join.

Support to help you introduce Denplan payment plans as an option for your patients, whether you’re currently NHS, private, or switching from another plan provider.

What’s more, Denplan payment plans are recognised, trusted and asked for by patients

10 years as a customer

We've been with Denplan for over a decade. Claims are handled swiftly, the process is straightforward and the cover is excellent.

Easy claim process

I needed an urgent root canal whilst in Portugal. I rang Denplan and had a straightforward conversation about the process to follow.
Submitted my claim yesterday and today received an email to say it was being paid. It was a simple clear process and I am happy to recommend Denplan given my experience.

Amazing customer service

The staff called James was absolutely brilliant. I was in so much pain as my tooth filling had come out. He searched the dentist around my area and managed to book an appointment within half an hour. Great service.

Denplan in practice

How do Denplan payment plans work?

Our plans allow you to set patient fees based on your practice needs. This includes your desired income for the year, any expenses, and practice investment or development plans. Our plans are designed to suit your patients' different budgets and their fees are dependent on their oral health. All of this means that you stay in control.

How do I set up Denplan in my practice?

You start by signing up as a member with us here. Our online membership application form is straightforward and easy to follow.

Once your membership application is complete, we will put you in touch with your dedicated Business Development Consultant who can help you to:

  • Understand your ambitions and goals for the practice
  • Complete a financial analysis and fee setting to optimise your practice income
  • Choose the right plans for your patients
  • Contact your patients about the plans you've chosen and why they will benefit from a Denplan payment plan
  • Access clinical and non-clinical training for all the practice team