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Helping you save time and manage your practice

As a member dentist you can benefit from the online services we offer, helping you to save time and manage your practice. 

Once you have an online account you can also request access to other tools such as Patient Data Exchange and Denplan Essentials Direct.

You can view more information about the services you can access through your online account below.

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Free tools that help save you time

Helping you manage your practice
Monthly reports

You can download and view your monthly reports up to three days before they arrive in the post, to help you with business planning and reduce paper usage.

Practice Performance Analysis

With our service, Practice Performance Analysis, you can see exactly what’s happening with your Denplan patient base at a glance. 

You’ll be able to monitor trends with your Denplan patient numbers, which means you’re in a fantastic position to take action to ensure your practice is moving in the direction you want it to.

Patient lists

You can download your patient lists into a spreadsheet format to be reviewed in practice.

Register patients in practice (Online Patient Application)

With Online Patient Application you can register your new patients in practice. It's quicker, easier and more convenient.

The benefits of Online Patient Application include: 

  • Address checking software
  • Bank details validation software
  • Faster processing - patient welcome packs are dispatched the following day
  • Less paperwork and less filing, helping the environment
  • Quicker registration for your patients - patients details can be pre-filled into the Online Patient Application 
  • Training is available if required 

If you're a member and would like more information about Online Patient Application you could call our Practice Support Advisors on 0800 328 3223, request a call back or book a Consultant appointment.

Quality Manuals

You can view, download and personalise Quality Manuals and Decontamination Manuals as well as sample Policies and Protocols and a handbook for Receptionists and Dental Nurses.

Denplan Preventers

You can download Children’s Activity Booklets for your younger patients linked to the key stages of the Science National Curriculum.

Denplan Essentials Direct

Denplan Essentials Direct is a fast and easy way for patients to sign up to your practice on line. It allows patients who visit our Find a Dentist service on the website to sign up to Denplan Essentials at your practice there and then. The application is quick and easy to set up. An email is sent to you each time a patient signs up so you can arrange an appointment to complete their contract. 

The Benefits of Denplan Essentials Direct include: 

  • An easy way to grow your Denplan Essentials patient base 
  • An application that is quick and easy to set up 
  •  No need for paper application forms 
  • An opportunity for new patients to find you and benefit from your services 

We can also provide you with a button for your website that links directly to ours. So when a new patient visits your website they can sign up for Denplan Essentials straight away.

You can apply for Denplan Essentials Direct through your Dashboard.

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Patient Data Exchange
Patient Data Exchange (PDE) is an online system that saves you and your practice team time by exchanging updates to your Denplan patient data and ours (if you have Kodak R4).  

The benefits of PDE include: 

  • Automatic update of payment status on your patient records in Kodak R4 
  • Notification in Kodak R4 (Carestream) of: - Name and address changes - Patient fee codes  -  Unpaid patients  - Incorrect addresses
  • You only need to update information in one place when patient details change 
  • Kodak R4 automatically exchanges updates with us overnight

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