Moving from the NHS to private dentistry

We have a proven record of successfully supporting dentists to offer private dentistry and make the most of their dental business.

We can help you discuss the potential changes and make sure your patients understand the benefits of your decision. We make it as straightforward as possible for you, starting with a no-obligation review of your practice. This will ensure you’re comfortable when considering whether the move away from NHS dentistry is the right decision for your practice. Along the way, it’s imperative that you remain in control, and that’s why we will take great time to discuss changes with you and later we'll help your patients to understand the benefits of your decision. Find out more below.

Step by step guide

Firstly, you will be assigned a personal Business Development Consultant. They will lead you through a dedicated process with key points. We’ve provided an overview of the process below, but we’ll make sure to give you an in-depth plan as part of our consultation. 

Introduction to Denplan

1. Introduction to Denplan

Getting to know your practice, and understanding your vision and goals for the future.

Feasibility study

2. Feasibility study


We conduct a fact finding exercise, using our Denplanner tool and the information you've provided, to see how viable your practice is for an NHS transition.

Financial analysis

3. Financial analysis


We look at your predicted conversion of NHS patients and subsequent income potential. 

Communication plan

4. Communication plan


We support you with drafting letters and mailing to your patients.

Conversion day

5. Conversion day


Leading up to the launch day, we make sure your practice has been fully trained and you have all your bespoke marketing materials ready.

On going support with Denplan

6. On-going support


We continue to support you and your progress throughout your Denplan membership, providing expert advice and guidance when you need it.

Dr mital patel

Dr Mital Patel:

‘’I wanted to spend more time with my patients, offer treatments outside of the scope of the NHS, and utilise the extra training that I’ve invested in.’’

There's more than one way to do an NHS conversion


Depending on your circumstances, you can adopt an approach that is best suited to your practice. Whether you're ready to move from the NHS to private dentistry in full, or looking to do it one dentist at a time. Each option can be tailored to best suit the approach you want to take.

Full conversion

You are ready to convert all your existing patients on to a Denplan payment plan.

We can help introduce a payment plan to your practice and decide which plans to offer at prices that suit your practice and patients. You can choose a maintenance plan that covers routine preventive care or more comprehensive plans.

The opportunity to join a payment plan also gives your patients more choice and allows them to budget for their dental care and oral health needs.

It means that you receive a monthly income from these patients, allowing you to forecast and plan your finances more accurately and provide greater financial stability for your practice.


With a Denplan Principal-only transition, you can enjoy all the benefits of the UK’s leading dental plan provider while keeping a reassuring hold on your NHS contract.

Keep your NHS patients, while gaining the clinical freedom to treat your patients the way you want to, and gain a regular monthly income from your patients on a Denplan payment plan. Even when you’re away from your practice.

The option to join a payment plan also gives your patients more choice. Help your patients find the best option for them:

A) Stay with you on an affordable maintenance or capitation plan.

B) Continue to receive NHS treatment through an associate dentist.

Associate only


You can choose to develop a private income via one of your dental associates. As the principal owner you might want to maintain your NHS patients, however you would still like the option to grow a new income stream privately. This can be achieved by converting your associate’s NHS patients to a Denplan payment plan and attracting new private patients.

This way you can trial your private transition to see if it’s right for your practice. At the same, you will still gain all the support and guidance that your Denplan Membership provides.

Plus a wealth of inclusive support

As a member dentist, you’ll receive a wealth of inclusive support services, helping you to focus on giving your patients the very best dental care:

  • A dedicated Business Development Consultant to help and support you with business and financial planning to help make your practice more profitable
  • A Practice Support Advisor for your everyday questions
  • Professional and regulatory advice and guidance on a range of issues such as compliance and regulations, clinical concerns and contractual queries
  • Online dashboard offering a host of useful information
  • Practice marketing support to help you promote your business including personalised marketing plans and patient profiling
  • Access to free and subsidised practice training and events
  • Practice and patient recruitment campaigns to reward growth
  • Flexibility to keep your NHS commitment but also take on Denplan payment plan patients with our Principal-only or Associate transition option

Ready to find out more?

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