Denplan Quality Programme

Helping you stay compliant with legislation using simple guidance and recommendations from our dental experts

What is the Denplan Quality Programme?

Our Denplan Quality Programme has been developed to help you maintain Clinical Governance and dental industry standards, helping you and your team comply with ever-changing legislation. Its simple guidance and recommendations will also make ‘best practice’ easier to achieve and maintain in your practice.

The benefits to your practice

  • Supports you in meeting quality standards (as set out by the various regulatory bodies, in recommendations from the BDA, and other legislative bodies) in the care and service delivered to your patients
  • Provides reassurance that you are practising in line with current legislation and best practice recommendations
  • Helps you to comply with standards of Clinical Governance
  • Provides extensive support and advice from our team of Dental Advisors
  • Supplies you with sample practice protocols
  • Assistance in implementing a structured programme of quality assurance and monitoring
  • Provides regular constructive assessments (self assessment or facilitated visits) against the most up-to-date quality standards
  • Improves practice staff development and morale
  • Provides CPD (verifiable or non-verifiable)
  • Gives you clinical and technical advice with assessment feedback reports

Helping you stay compliant and achieve best practice 

The Denplan Quality Programme can benefit both your practice and your patients and forms a component of our Denplan Excel accreditation

The benefits for your patients 

For your patients, the Denplan Quality Programme is reassurance that their dentist is working under best practice recommendations and complying with current legislation. It also shows patients your commitment to quality care and continuous improvement.

What does it entail?

When you become a member dentist you gain access to participate in the Denplan Quality Programme at no additional cost. 

When you become a member we will invite you to complete a Practice Development Profile (PDP). Completing a free PDP is an ideal way to make sure your practice is fully up-to-date with all the latest legislation, from compliance with the CQC and other national Regulatory bodies, to decontamination regulations. 

The resulting report will advise and reassure you on legislative compliance and best practice. Additionally, it will benchmark your practice against other member practices and help you to prioritise any areas of development. 

We will also contact you to arrange an appropriate date for a Facilitated Practice Assessment (FPA). A facilitated visit is carried out by one of our Practice Advisors. It involves you taking patient-free time while the assessment is carried out and usually takes about three hours. 

If you’re new to Simplyhealth Professionals and would like more information about the benefits of the Denplan Quality Programme and what it involves, you can call our team on 0800 169 9962. 

If you’re already a member dentist and have questions about the Quality Programme you can speak to your Dental Business Consultant or the PSA team on 0800 328 3223.