Marketing support

Helping you to promote your dental practice

Marketing is an essential part of your business plan to help grow and develop your dental practice. That’s why we offer our members marketing and PR consultancy services at no additional cost, to help you get to grips with promoting your practice.

In this section you can find out more about:

  • Practice Marketing and PR consultancy services
  • Simply Select self service marketing platform
  • Patient profiling

See below to find out more about our marketing support services

Providing marketing consultancy and support for your practice

Support with all aspects of dental practice marketing, as part of your membership
Practice Marketing and PR consultancy

Our member dentists benefit from our specialist Marketing and Public Relations (PR) consultants who can help you promote and grow your practice. This could include:

  • Drawing up a marketing plan specific for your practice needs
  • Helping you to produce practice-branded literature 
  • Helping you develop a good relationship with your local media
  • Showing you how to use PR to attract and retain patients, including how to write a press release
  • Advice on social media
  • How to use our online marketing platform, Simply Select to design practice-branded literature for your practice. You’ll also get a discount on printing costs or you can print them yourself.
Simply Select

Simply Select is a free marketing template tool available through the online services dashboard which allows you to design practice-branded literature.

Simply Select was launched in February 2018 to replace Denplan Design. From a simple poster through to cost comparison posters, there are over 50 templates and designs to choose from. Templates enable practices to upload their practice logo’s, prices and create referral cards. All items can be downloaded and printed in practice, or printed professionally either by our preferred printer or a printer of your choice. All artwork is provided for free, with the majority of items printed for free except for referral cards which incur a print cost which can be seen when placing an order. 

Patient profiling

A patient profile report is essential before you put together any business or marketing activity plan. It provides a detailed understanding of new and existing patients, giving you the knowledge to target, acquire and develop profitable patient relationships.

You could also increase retention of existing patients by finding out what sort of people are leaving your practice and why, and how you could encourage them to return.

As a member dentist you can receive a patient profile report (worth £2,500) free of charge, which uses information gathered from the census and consumer lifestyle databases from 23 million UK households.

This provides you with the knowledge to target patients more effectively and grow your practice. For more information about this ask for a copy of 'Getting to grips with patient profiling'

So why run a promotional campaign?

Recruiting new patients

You are having a recruitment drive and want to attract new patients to the practice

Have you had a patient profile report so that you can accurately target potential patients?

There are a number of ways you could run a recruitment drive – here are just a few ideas:

Create a flyer with a special offer – make sure there is an end date so patients are prompted to act quickly.
 Referral cards are the most effective and least costly form of advertising – always have some on hand.
 Practice marketing flyer
 Practice marketing flyer

Lapsed patients

Lapsed patients – you’ve noticed that a number of patients registered at the practice have not been for a number of years

You could write to them but letters don’t always get read. It’s also worth remembering that if a patient hasn’t seen you for a while they might be embarrassed to ring you. Give them every reason not to be and perhaps have a special offer to tempt them back, as in the example below.

Practice marketing flyer

Open day – invite them to an open day you have organised and ask them to bring a friend along. You could have a special offer just for them and their friend. It’s another way to persuade your lapsed patients to come back to your practice.

Promoting payment plans

You want to encourage your fee-per-item patients to join Denplan Care or Denplan Essentials

The main message here is to emphasise the ease of paying for dental care and the fact that joining a plan has proved an effective way of encouraging regular attendance. The message that seeing the dentist as often as is recommended is the best way of keeping potential problems to a minimum. 

Below is an example of a poster you could adopt. It’s a visual way of driving home the message that you may not have to pay for your treatment that day as you will have already covered it in your monthly payments.

Alternatively, you could put up posters in reception about Denplan Care or Denplan Essentials to prompt patients into asking about payment plan options.

Practice marketing flyer

Practice marketing flyer

Cosmetic treatments

You want to promote the cosmetic treatments you offer in the practice. You could put up posters as below and perhaps have a discount off all cosmetic treatment for a set number of months.

Posters are a really cost effective and easy way to remind patients about the services you offer. They are designed to attract attention and spark off a conversation.

Below are examples of cosmetic and implant posters:

 Practice marketing flyer

Practice marketing flyer

New dentist/team member

You have a new member of the team and you want to tell all your patients about him or her

Again, there are a number of ways you can do this. You can send out a flyer to patients near your practice who might know the new dentist. 

Always include a photo on any communication so patients can recognise the new staff member when they come to the practice. 

Practice marketing flyer

You could also organise an open day specifically to introduce the new member and have a special offer if they book an appointment with the new staff member. 

Newsletter - send one to all existing patients to let them know in detail why a dentist is leaving and who is replacing them. Tell them about the new dentist and include a picture. Also suggest that they could come in and meet him at any time. 

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