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  • Trust us to have your best interests at heart.
  • Our support makes even the toughest challenges easier to manage.
  • With Denplan you have time to live your life, not just your job.
  • Denplan empowers you to make the best choices for you and your patients.
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Why so many dentists trust us to help build a better future for themselves and their patients

  • We know what a difference financial security can make when you’re working to grow your practice.
  • We understand the challenges dentists are facing and how best we can help you meet them.
  • And we care deeply about creating a better future – both for dentists and for patients.

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Behind the scenes, there’s an inspiring, forward-looking team providing everything from compliance support to clinical and business training and I know their focus on modern, sustainable dentistry is perfectly aligned with my own vision.

Shamir - Denplan member dentist
Denplan dentists Hanifa and Tom smiling together

“With Denplan, everybody wins”

A regular monthly income and extensive business support from Denplan is helping Hanifa and Tom balance working with living life to the full. 


"Both of us fell into dentistry more by accident than design, though luckily it turned out to suit us perfectly. We’d been busy taking part in our respective sports of rugby and athletics and hadn’t given our long-term careers much thought beyond getting qualified and having some associate experience behind us. While we both love our work, life outside the surgery is equally important to us as a couple, so any future plans needed to allow for a good work/life balance."

A great work/life balance

"As a team, we all believe strongly that Denplan is the best option for our patients as well as making practice ownership much less stressful for us. We committed to the Denplan Plus contract without hesitation and we can see so much potential to grow our patient list further, which will ultimately give us even more financial stability.


Being with Denplan allows us to plan our working week, give our patients the great care they deserve and still make time for ourselves, whether on the rugby pitch, training for a marathon or just chilling out at home, without always talking teeth. It’s been a huge win for us, as well as for our patients."

A few words from other member dentists...

Denplan dentist Shamir smiling


Denplan brings the extra know-how

Denplan brings the know-how Shamir needs to build the future he wants for his fledgling practice.


Denplan knew exactly what to do

Support from Denplan has enabled Anna to smoothly convert her practice and rediscover a smile to match those of her patients.

Denplan dentist Nina smiling


Denplan helps me show patients what good care can be

As well as allowing for quality time with her patients, Denplan opens doors for Nina to reach new heights professionally.

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Here for dentistry.

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Denplan Plus, driven by your needs, our new support agreement allows us to deliver more to you and your teams through benefits, savings and rewards.

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