Why Denplan?

"With Denplan’s support, I get to laugh with
my patients again."

November 2022

Supporting dentists since 1986

Wide-ranging support from Denplan has enabled Anna to smoothly convert her practice and rediscover a smile to match those of her patients.

"I’m a talkative person. It’s one of the reasons I was drawn to dentistry – it’s all about the people for me. I’d never expected to open my own practice, but when premises became available near my home in South Wales, I thought, well, why not?

I had one child when I opened the practice; I’ve since had another three and we’ve gone from three to five surgeries in those 18 years, so I’ve been pretty busy. I have a fantastic team of six dentists; we’re all so driven to do our absolute best for our patients, and for each other. But we’d been drowning in paperwork, barely turning a profit, with patient numbers becoming unmanageable under our NHS contract. We just couldn’t go on as we were, it was affecting the way we felt about the profession we all loved and the care we could give."

Denplan knew exactly what to do

"Scary as it was at the time, we all agreed to take the plunge and transition to a completely private Denplan practice. It was so reassuring that Denplan knew exactly how to make it all happen, even if we hadn’t a clue. Our Business Development Consultant, Tara, has been incredible, guiding us through the whole process, always being available and working closely with us to make it as smooth as possible.

I’m now very confident that we’ll achieve a much better balance of financial security and excellent patient care. It was clearly the best option for us, taking into account the strength of the Denplan brand and all the additional support you get, especially on the regulatory and marketing side. Their expertise saves us so much time and leaves us to focus on what we do best."

I can’t explain what a difference being a Denplan practice has made to our mind-set.

I even get to laugh again!

"I can’t explain what a difference being a Denplan practice has made to our mindset. When you’re always clock-watching, it’s the basics that suffer. We spend so much more time with each patient – I even get to laugh again! Just being able to show someone how to brush their teeth well or talk about improvements to their diet - it’s been so lovely to get back to that kind of personalised care.

The patients who’ve chosen to stay with us are genuinely happy; it’s actually very good value for them. They’re relieved to know they’ll always be seen, and the travel cover they get gives them extra peace of mind."

Dentist Anna sitting and smiling

We love going to work

"I feel more in control of things; my choice of materials or lab work comes down to what’s right for each patient, not whether it fits the budget. We’ve always been a good practice with a good reputation, and at last we all love going to work again too.

Seeing such a solid future for the practice has inspired me to go further. I’ll be making the most of Denplan’s impressive training programme and I want to expand my skill set so I can offer more treatments and do them really well. I’ve even started a new Master’s degree. And you know what? It feels amazing."

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