Why Denplan?

"Being with Denplan allows us to plan our working week,
give our patients the great care they deserve and still
make time for ourselves."

November 2022

With Denplan, everybody wins

A regular monthly income and extensive business support from Denplan is helping Hanifa and Tom balance working with living life to the full. 

"Both of us fell into dentistry more by accident than design, though luckily it turned out to suit us perfectly. We’d been busy taking part in our respective sports of rugby and athletics and hadn’t given our long-term careers much thought beyond getting qualified and having some associate experience behind us. While we both love our work, life outside the surgery is equally important to us as a couple, so any future plans needed to allow for a good work/life balance."

Everything seemed to fall into place

"The chance to buy our own practice came out of the blue and we surprised ourselves by discovering how much we wanted to secure it and make it work. Everything just seemed to fall into place; we’d hoped to work together in the long term and this was the right location, the right size and we were already known there. It just happened a little earlier than we expected.

It was a steep learning curve, to say the least – dental school hadn’t prepared us for the business side of practice ownership and the number of issues we had to grapple with could sometimes feel overwhelming. We now realise just how fortunate we were in that it was already a thriving Denplan practice and having the Denplan team there to hold our hands was to prove absolutely invaluable."

Being with Denplan has been a huge win for us as well as our patients.

Denplan has given us much-needed security

"Our Denplan Business Development Consultant, Claire, has been such a reassuring presence – she just seems to know instinctively what we need and how to achieve it. And while the initial business outgoings were a little alarming, the guaranteed monthly income from Denplan has given us much-needed security and removed our anxiety about being able to balance the books. It’s also allowed us to invest in the digital technology and equipment we wanted for our practice right from the start.

Denplan has been established for over 35 years, it has a great reputation, and our patients know and like the brand. Plus, there’s so much extra support that we can benefit from, like training and marketing assistance, that it’s a no-brainer for us. We’ve learned so much from other, more experienced dentists who we meet at the inspiring member events; we really value their expertise and can see how much they too have benefited from their association with Denplan."

Dentists Hanifa and Tom posing together and smiling

A great work/life balance

"As a team, we all believe strongly that Denplan is the best option for our patients as well as making practice ownership much less stressful for us. We committed to the Denplan Plus contract without hesitation and we can see so much potential to grow our patient list further, which will ultimately give us even more financial stability.

Being with Denplan allows us to plan our working week, give our patients the great care they deserve and still make time for ourselves, whether on the rugby pitch, training for a marathon or just chilling out at home, without always talking teeth. It’s been a huge win for us, as well as for our patients."

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