Why Denplan?

"Because they get where I’m coming from
- and where I’m going."

November 2022

Over 35 years of championing dentists

Denplan brings the know-how Shamir needs to build the future he wants for his fledgling practice.

"I’m a firm believer in seizing whatever opportunities come your way, so when I got the opportunity to help build and grow a squat practice not far from the family home, it was just too good to pass up.

I had the clinical skills; I had boundless enthusiasm; what I needed was someone who could step up to fill the gaps in my limited experience, who could anticipate the challenges I’d be likely to face and provide stability so I could build the well-run, profitable practice I envisaged and still be in full control."

Denplan brings the extra know-how

I knew instantly that Denplan was the provider I could trust to take on that role for me. It’s like having a mentor who brings all the extra know-how you need and lets you take the credit.

My practice started small, with just one surgery and a handful of patients, but I’ve filled up my appointment book and already opened a second surgery.

My Denplan Business Development Consultant has been by my side throughout, offering creative solutions, moral support, and practical suggestions to help me grow my patient list at a manageable pace.

Instead of being overwhelmed with all the decisions you have to make as a new practice owner, I’ve also benefited from the experiences of other Denplan dentists. They’re always keen to share their knowledge and Denplan is great at providing fun opportunities for us to get together and exchange ideas."

Dentist Shamir sitting on sofa and smiling

A future-focused team

"Behind the scenes, there’s an inspiring, forward-looking team providing everything from compliance support and marketing tools to clinical and business training, and I know their focus on modern, sustainable dentistry is perfectly aligned with my own vision.

I’m impressed that Denplan is championing the new generation of dentists to help create a better future for the profession and for patient care, and I’m so excited to be part of that. They’re helping to amplify my voice, and the voices of other young dentists, where it counts and I’m optimistic that between us we can make a real difference."

The dentistry I want to provide

"I grew up at the heart of a village community and I want to become that go-to local dentist who cares for generations of families, giving each of them the time I feel is needed for the dentistry I want to provide.

The Denplan brand is strong and familiar, and I see how comfortable patients are with it when we discuss the benefits of our payment plans; they know they’re in safe hands and that makes me happy and confident that I’m giving them the best care I can."

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