Good health is our goal, yours and your team's

Both physical and mental health are key to performance and wellbeing

That's why we're giving Denplan Plus members free 24/7 access to video GP appointments, access to 24/7 mental health and wellbeing support through telephone counselling and information services and easy online physio assessments* through Simplyhealth.


If you have already registered, your access to these services will be free of charge until the 31st December 2021. If you are from a Denplan Plus practice you will be able to access these services until your practice's agreement with Denplan ends.


*Online physio appointments are not 24/7. They are available Mon–Fri: 8am-7pm. Sat: 10am–1pm. Closed on Sundays and Bank holidays.

Simplyhealth's GP 24/7 service

Simplyhealth's GP 24/7 service 

See a GP anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you or any member of your team need to speak to a GP to get advice or a diagnosis, or discuss medication, they’re just a couple of taps away. 

To access this service
, users will need to download our smart app SimplyConsult to book online video appointments with GPs or physiotherapists. The mobile application allows you to search for appointments, review the profiles of the GPs or physiotherapists to find the one that best suits your requirements, and see a range of appointment dates and times. 

You will also be able to access your consultation history and the GPs’ or physiotherapists’ notes, providing you with instant access to your Simplyhealth medical consultation records. 

24/7 video GP appointments can provide:

  • General advice
  • Medication advice
  • Private medication prescriptions (if the GP feels medication is appropriate)
  • Diagnosis advice


Online physiotherapy assessments provide a triage service to advise on the best course of action, should you have any other aches and pains that you may not feel are worthy of a GP call, but you would still like some advice.


*Online physio appointments are not 24/7. They are available Mon – Fri: 8am - 7pm. Sat: 10am – 1pm. Closed on Sundays and Bank holidays.

EAP service

Mental health and wellbeing support

You don't always know when you'll need someone to talk to.

That’s why we’re here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our confidential helpline offers compassionate support, whatever challenges you face. 


Whether you have a health issue, financial challenge or just an everyday problem you’re facing right now, you’ll be able to speak to a qualified specialist quickly and confidentially who will be able to help. This ‘in the moment’ support can be for virtually any kind of issue, including (but not limited to):

  • Health & lifestyles issues including smoking and weight loss
  • Basic medical advice
  • Child and elder care advice
  • Emotional support
  • Stress assessment and management
  • Marital changes 


To access this service

A phone number will be provided in your welcome email. You’ll get through to a qualified counsellor straight away, and they may be able to help you instantly, depending on the nature of your call.  

A few words from a valued customer

“I have been grateful to Denplan as a conduit of that patient support to secure the financial health of our practice and consequently our own health and wellbeing. A valued addition to that support was SHP offering 3 months free access to their remote GP, Physio and Counselling service.

Having registered and made use of a remote physio consultation, as I go on my daily run/walk and feel my Achilles tendon twinging I measure my fitness progress, or lack of it, on my smartphone. However, in common with our patients currently, knowing that in the absence of face to face contact that help and advice is only a phone away consequently contributes to an immeasurable sense of wellbeing.

My thanks go to the individuals and teams that make up Denplan and all of Simplyhealth Professionals that have made an undersung but highly valued contribution to our health and wellbeing.”

Dr Gordon R Boyle, Partner at Dentistry+, Glasgow