Become a Denplan member dentist

Becoming a Denplan member dentist is easy


Whether you're a private fee-per-item (PFPI) practice, NHS practice, or looking to change your payment plan provider, we’re here to support your business.


We offer a range of plans, from basic to comprehensive, to suit a variety of budgets and dental needs.

Denplan for Private Practices


Switching your private fee-per-item (PFPI) patients to a Denplan payment plan benefits both your practice and patients.


You'll receive regular monthly payments from your Denplan patients, even if they miss or cancel appointments. This gives you better financial security, so you can forecast your finances and safely invest in your practice.

Denplan for NHS Practices


Whether you’re looking to move towards private practice or want a balance between private and NHS dentistry, we have the solution for you.


You can also keep your NHS contract income while gaining a monthly income from your Denplan patients. Your guaranteed income will help you forecast your finances and invest in your practice.

Switching to Denplan


We make the switching process as simple as possible, for you and your patients. We’ll take care of all the admin and provide in-practice training for your employees. 


And if you have any questions or concerns, you’ll have a dedicated consultant on hand to help.

Returning to Denplan

Sometimes the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. We’d love to welcome you back.


We’ll take care of all the admin and provide in-practice training for your employees. 

Benefits to your practice


We’ll support you to build Denplan payment plans at prices which suit your practice and patients. This can range from a maintenance plan for routine, preventive care to more detailed plans.


As a member dentist you’ll receive top quality services and support on a range of issues to boost your business. From improving your profitability, to targeted marketing support, through to networking events. Whatever your practice needs, we can help.


This includes:

  • Business and financial planning help and tools
  • Business promotional support, including marketing creative, advice and patient profiling
  • Online management dashboard
  • Dental regulation support
  • Downloadable manuals to keep you up-to-date with industry developments
  • Access to industry events
  • Tailored training for you and your staff

Promoting Denplan is easy with our support

When you become a member dentist we’ll give you access to a dedicated business development consultant who can help you with any questions you have about switching your PFPI patients to a Denplan payment plan. We aim to make the transition as simple as possible for you and your patients

“I discussed this with my Dental Business Consultant, and, together with the Practice Marketing team, gave me fantastic support. As a result, I have recruited 102 new Denplan patients in less than a year. 20 to 25 new private patients to the practice every month and now have well-trained and highly motivated staff.”- Mahesh, member dentist 

Benefits for your patients


The pay-as-you-go approach can become costly for many patients and deter them from visiting the dentist regularly.

35% of people who don't visit the dentist regularly say they can't afford it.*

With a Denplan payment plan, your patients pay for their treatment on a monthly basis. This spreads the cost of their dental care, encouraging regular visits.

Offering a Denplan payment plan gives patients a wider choice of quality treatments to improve their dental health, at a monthly cost that is affordable to them. Setting them up for a better dental future.

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*Simplyhealth Consumer Oral Health Survey 2019