Don't just take our word for it

At Denplan, we've spent over 30 years strengthening the support, investment and involvement we offer to our member dentists. 


Here's what our member dentists have to say about us:

Claire Mcmullan Principal Dentist at Dental32

"Since joining Denplan in 2012 things really expanded for us. We had so much more support as a business"

Claire McMullan, Principal Dentist at Dental32

Dr SImon Chard and Dr Meghan Chard

"One of the reasons we chose Denplan is the amount of support that’s on offer in terms of training, practice management and business development. It’s been great to bring everything under the one umbrella."


Dr Simon Chard, Principal Dentist at Rothley Lodge Dental Practice

Dr Hernán Morillo

"It was time to make a change. It was obvious that we needed to reduce reliance on NHS funding if we were to remain solvent."



Dr Hernan Morillo, Partner at Sycamore House Dental Practice

Dentist Paul Lowe

"As a dentist, what I like about Denplan is they are well run and very good at maintaining my cash flow. It enables me to go on holiday and still pay the staff!"

Paul Lowe, Principal Dentist at Paul Lowe Dentistry

Raheem Achour - Principal Dentist at Rendlesham Dental Practice

"The transition has gone amazingly well. I’ve been really thankful to my patients and to my team, they’ve all been fantastic. We’ve had great support from Denplan, and especially from Frances, and they’re always on the end of the phone for us when we need them.”


Raheem Achour, Principal Dentist at Rendlesham Dental Practice

Greenlaw Dental practice team members

“Denplan’s support has been invaluable. Their investment in our practice to ‘learn the ropes’ as we transitioned has been essential to me and the whole team."


Richard Alexander, Principal Dentist at Greenlaw Dental Care

Guy Ward, Principal, Mobberley Road Dental Practice

“Introducing a payment plan into the practice has enabled me to plan ahead for the business and feel confident enough to look at expanding the practice in the future."


Guy Ward, Principal Dentist at Mobberley Road Dental Practice 

Dr Mital Patel, Principal Dentist, Neath Hill Dental

“You [Denplan] provide all the training on the product, provide literature for the patients, and marketing for the practice. There is a lot of support”


Mital Patel, Principal Dentist at Neath Hill Dental

Sarah Hoggins, Dental Surgeon, Beech House Dental Practice

“There is so much less stress and no time pressure – I can spend an hour shaping a composite to get it absolutely perfect if I need to rather than constantly clock-watching. I’m much happier in my work as a result and I have much better job security.”


Sarah Hoggins, Dental Surgeon at Beech House Dental Practice

Denplan is the only plan available that offers a complete package for both patient and dentist at a clinical and administrative level. It provides complete peace of mind.

Katie Ernst (Principal Dentist), Charlton Road Dental

Supporting your practice

All members get a dedicated consultant for business and marketing support. We can help make running your practice simpler and attract new patients in less time.


"Denplan are also good at providing support and help through their consultants when it is needed, including in house training of the entire practice team on premises. For me it has been a win/win situation from the moment I took over from my predecessor. I could go on, ie. the clinical support, the insurance element which is of huge benefit to my patients."


Born Brunswick (Principal Dentist), Chepstow Road


"I use Denplan payment plans with my patients as it's a well-known and trusted brand. The backup and support you get from the company representatives is second to none, helping my business grow, but at the same time making my patients feel well looked after! "


Ceri Owen-Roberts (Principal Dentist), Elgin Park Dental


"Denplan gives me a high degree of financial security because I can predict my monthly income. Secondly, Denplan provides a simplified framework to do my dentistry since the bulk of items are part of the subscription. Thirdly, it is both mine and my patients’ interest to maintain a healthy mouth - prevention is obviously preferable over treatment. Denplan organises CPD events, some of which have been of immense value to me in the past. Prior to Covid-19, the Key Client Forums gave me the opportunity to meet and interact with other dentists, as have other social events."


Born Brunswick (Principal Dentist), Chepstow Road


"Having Denplan as our plan provider means we have a dedicated Business Development Consultant available should we need any help. Our staff can contact her or the helpline and have queries resolved quickly. Denplan is the only plan provider we know of that has a telephone helpline available at the weekend for our practice to check if a patient’s subscription is up-to-date, enabling us to give accurate information to patients requiring out of hours help."


Kay Hallows (Principal Dentist), Hallows Dental Practice

Supporting you every step of the way


Working with Denplan will also give you access to practical advice and support from our experienced team. Our Business Development Consultants can help you to achieve your business goals, grow your practice, and retain patients. 


They can also provide tailored marketing support to help you promote your practice to reach new patients, and much more.


Book a free no-obligation chat with your local Business Development Consultant today.