Our Green Dentistry Programme

We’re dedicated to fostering a community committed to sustainable dentistry and advancing eco-friendly approaches within the dental care industry.

A wealth of resources and training materials

New for 2024, our Green Dentistry Programme is packed with learning podcasts, webinars and articles, designed to help you learn and implement sustainable dentistry practices. From climate change to waste management, we cover it all.

We've also developed an interactive carbon calculator toolkit, to help you understand your practice's carbon footprint and see how you're performing compared to other practices and identify where you can improve.

Join us in creating a healthier planet and explore our Green Dentistry learning content.

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As healthcare providers, you have a unique opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future while still delivering exceptional care to your patients.


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E-learning course taster

Want to take your learning further? We’ve developed Green Dentistry into a self learning module, available on Denplan Academy Online.


For a taster of what’s in store, we’ve created a complimentary e-learning course to help you explore. 

Your green toolkit

We have a set of tools to help you become a more sustainable practice.

Here you'll find a patient survey to capture travel information, a carbon calculator to record your data and a carbon toolkit, full of suggestions to help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Step 1: Patient travel survey

This handy tool will help you record your patients' travel data by allowing patients to enter their details on arrival. Once they're done, input the results into the carbon calculator spreadsheet (below) at the end of the day.

Using this information in our carbon calculator will help you identify where you are sustainable in your practice and highlight any development areas.

If you're using a tablet, simply click the button below to open the survey in a new window. This will ensure ease of use for your patients.

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Step 2:

Carbon calculator

Once you've obtained your patient travel data, you can use this calculator to enter the various measures, including patient and staff travel and waste.

You'll then see the current carbon footprint results of your practice.

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Step 3:

Carbon footprint toolkit 

This resource includes all of our top suggestions to help you reduce your carbon footprint, including reducing the impact of patient travel. We've broken them down into categories, that you can see on each tab.

We've listed each idea in order of how easy (in terms of cost and time) they are to implement. But this will vary depending on your practice.

The dashboard will then populate, so you'll be able to see how you're performing in each category. 

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A Practical Guide to Green Dentistry

Our late Head Dental Officer, Louis Mackenzie, discusses challenges and opportunities in sustainable dentistry, emphasizing the need for eco-friendly practices in dental environments. 

Green dentistry podcasts and webinars with Professor Brett Duane

Sustainable Dentistry with Brett Duane

Take your Green Dentistry learning to a new level on Denplan Academy Online with over 10 webinars hosted by Professor Brett Duane, an expert in this field, and podcasts from Louis Mackenzie.

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