Aesthetic dentistry

You don’t have to be a Hollywood star to have an A-list smile.

As aesthetic dentistry becomes less expensive and more readily available, more people are turning to procedures such as teeth whitening in pursuit of the perfect smile. 

Teeth whitening 

Teeth whitening (or bleaching) is a straightforward and non-invasive way to improve the appearance of your smile. In the UK, only dentists and dental professionals registered with the General Dental Council may undertake bleaching, and it's important that any other issues you may have with your teeth are addressed before you go ahead with this procedure.

Other procedures

Some dentists can also offer treatments such as Botox® or dermal fillers to reduce skin creases and help support facial tissues.


In pursuit of the perfect smile?

Make sure your teeth and gums are healthy before you have any procedures.

Modern materials 

Modern aesthetic materials in dentistry also include tooth coloured resin fillings, porcelain inlays and onlays, veneers and zirconia crowns which can look almost exactly the same as natural teeth. 

Be sure to take your dentist’s advice before engaging in any invasive treatments which are not reversible: the best dental materials of all are your own natural healthy teeth! 


Finally, orthodontics – the straightening of crooked or misplaced teeth – has become increasingly available and attractive to adults as well as for children. The latest techniques for correcting minor problems can use computer designed plastic shields which gently guide teeth into place over a period of time and are almost invisible in the mouth. 

Start with a healthy smile 

It’s vital that you have excellent all-round oral health before you consider any aesthetic dental treatment. Looking and feeling good about yourself is undoubtedly important, but should not be done at the risk of damaging healthy teeth. While regulations on aesthetic dentistry are constantly under review and continue to be tightened, it is important that you carefully consider the impact of any invasive procedure before committing to it.