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How to choose the right snacks for kids

Choosing the right healthy snacks for your children or grandchildren can be tricky sometimes, especially as some ‘healthy’ foods might actually be harmful to their teeth. Here are some tips for meals and snacks that will help to keep children - and teeth - happy!

Make it fun

Tooth-friendly savoury sandwiches filled with lean meat, cheese spread or marmite are always popular with children. Cutting sandwiches into appealing shapes such as stars, hearts, or circles can be fun for kids

In between meals

Nuts, low-sugar yogurts, breadsticks, and hummus with cucumber, raw pepper, carrot and celery sticks make great snacks in between meals.

Say cheese!

Cheese is full of calcium and also helps to neutralise acid in the mouth, which helps to reduce tooth decay. Encourage your child to eat a little snack-sized piece of cheese after meals

What to drink

Swap fizzy drinks for water or milk, and avoid fruit juices and smoothies as they contain a lot of naturally-occurring sugar and acid. If your children have these, offer them during mealtimes only and dilute them one part juice to one part water. Drinking through a straw can help reduce contact with teeth, too

Raisin' hell

Avoid snacking on sticky dried fruits such as raisins and apricots in between meals as they contain a lot of natural sugar and can cling to the teeth for a long time

What's inside?

Be wary of products specifically aimed for children’s lunchboxes and always check the labels before you buy. They often state that they’re free from additives, colours and artificial flavours but may well be full of hidden salt and sugar

Why not help your child to understand about healthy snacks using our fun Snack Choices activity sheet? Download the activity sheet here »


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Tips that keep kids and their teeth happy