Changing my Denplan dentist

What if I need to change my Denplan dentist?

Moving home or changing dental practice doesn't mean you have to leave Denplan.

There are three simple steps to changing your dentist and ensuring that you keep all the benefits of your Denplan payment plan.

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1. Call your

current dentist

  • To start the process, you'll need to ask your Denplan dentist to complete a Patient Leaving Form for you.

  • Before leaving, we do recommend a final appointment. This is because you'll enter into a new contract with your new practice. Any outstanding treatment needed when you visit your new dentist will be charged privately.
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2. Get in touch with us

  • Complete our contact form once you’re ready to cancel the contract you hold with your dentist. Because your Denplan contract is between you and your current dentist, it isn’t transferable to the new practice.


  • Your contract will end with your dentist on the last day of the month.

  • We need at least 21 days’ notice to cancel your contract. This means if you contact us within a week of your last Denplan payment, you won’t need to make another payment until you've registered with your new Denplan provider.
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3. Visit your new

Denplan dentist

  • Arrange your initial appointment with your new dentist, informing them you’re a Denplan patient. As with when you first joined Denplan, your new dentist will need to check your dental health. They’ll discuss the best Denplan plan for your needs, and this may be different to your previous level of cover.

  • As each Denplan dentist sets their own fees, it's likely your monthly premium will change. There may be a fee to pay for your initial assessment, so check when you arrange your first appointment.


You’ll need to complete an application form and sign a new contract with your dentist.

Remember to take your Patient Leaving Form from your previous dentist, if you have one.


Don’t forget if you’re re-joining Denplan within six months of leaving, there's no registration fee to pay.

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