How to choose a dentist

It can be difficult to choose which dentist to visit, especially if you have moved to a new area. 


We've put together a few tips to help you out… 

Ask people you know and trust for recommendations 


You're usually more than welcome to visit a new practice before making the decision to join, giving you a chance to meet with the dental team and learn more about the way they work. 


Check the location is convenient for you, and if you work, ask whether they have early, lunchtime or late appointments 


Find out about their dental emergency procedures too, and the parking arrangements at the practice if you're planning to travel there by car. 


Find out what services they offer 


As practices may differ in the range of services offered, check out that they are able to provide the type of care that you think you may require. For example, if you are interested in cosmetic dentistry, enquire as to the range of such procedures available. 


Look at the price list 


Charges vary from practice to practice so make sure you have an idea of their prices and whether or not they offer dental payment plans. 


Look at the website and review any adverts or promotional material 


This should give you a good idea of what to expect when you first visit. An up-to-date website with all their latest offers on it is a good sign that the dentist is keen to look after their patients and attract new ones. 


Make sure you feel comfortable with whichever dentist you choose and are able to talk openly about your dental needs. It’s not just about the treatments they offer but the support, care and advice they give you. Not only should you feel at ease with your dentist, but with the whole practice team, who should be welcoming and helpful and make you feel relaxed, especially if you are a nervous patient.


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