Our people

Caroline Coleman

Caroline Coleman – Managing Director

Caroline joined Simplyhealth in 1998 and has taken on a range of roles across the business.  She spent nearly 15 years working in customer services and sales business areas at Simplyhealth. This provided her with a deep understanding of Simplyhealth customers, their needs and expectations as well as building vast experience and expertise to lead the Professionals business.

Caroline has been Managing Director of Simplyhealth Professionals since February 1, 2017 - responsible for driving the sustainable growth of the Simplyhealth Professionals business unit, Caroline leads a business unit of 350 people and a leadership team of Directors, focusing on driving performance, innovation and change to achieve business objectives and future vision, goals and aspirations. 

sandy brown

Sandy Brown – Director of Dentists

Sandy joined Denplan in 1992 as a Denplan Care Consultant for Scotland, N Ireland and the North of England. Sandy's entire career with us has been sales and customer service focused. In 2001 Sandy became the Director of Denplan Sales, and in 2005 he was appointed Director of Marketing and Sales, overseeing both divisions.

Sally Clarke

Sally Clarke - Director of Vets

Sally is an experienced operations and service professional with over 20 years’ commercial experience within both the human health and pet health market. As Director of Vets, Sally is responsible for delivering the strategic plan for the Vets business across Sales, Marketing and Customer Service, expanding our brand presence in the growing market and ensuring that we deliver on our value propositions for our member vet practices, pet owners and corporate partners.