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This is your dental industry newsroom covering industry affairs and opinions. The place to find out the latest thinking on issues that affect our industry such as the ongoing impact of Brexit. You can also dip into Denplan and Simplyhealth press announcements.

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Catherine Rutland, Clincal Director at Simplyhealth & Denplan

12 April 2024

Does the dental recovery plan deliver for the sector?

We've been reflecting on the impact of the recovery plan. While it provides some welcome initiatives, ultimately we believe that it does not go far enough to alleviate the challenges faced by dentists and patients.

Dentist and dental nurse during appointment with patient

26 February 2024

Denplan and FMC launch the 2024 Dentistry Census 

The 2024 FMC Dentistry Census in partnership with Denplan discovers most dentists currently with an NHS contract (90%) felt that failure to reform the NHS is directly damaging the nation’s health. 

Catherine Rutland, Clincal Director talking to Louis MacKenzie, Head Dental Officer

18 December 2023

Reflections on 2023 and our focus for the year ahead

2023 started with our final submission to the Health and Social Care Committee’s inquiry into dentistry and concluded with the publication of our 2023 Oral Healthcare Report. Between these significant updates, here's what we’ve seen.

Father helping young son brush their teeth

06 December 2023

Children missed 15 million school days in the past year due to dental problems

At least one in nine children have missed school due to dental problems, with a total of more than 15 million school days missed in the past year, according to data from the Oral Healthcare Report 2023.

Morther helping young daughter brush their teeth

31 October 2023

Family dentist replaces family doctor for over half of Brits

New figures from the Oral Healthcare Report 2023 reveal six in ten (59%) Brits say they see the same dentist more consistently than they see the same GP, showing the vital role dentists play in people's health and lives. 

Father helping young son brush their teeth

31 October 2023

Denplan’s 2023 Oral Healthcare Report

This comprehensive annual survey covers oral hygiene practices, access and barriers to dental care, as well as guidance for children’s oral health care. 

Catherine Rutland, Clincal Director talking to Louis MacKenzie, Head Dental Officer

26 October 2023

A political spotlight on dentistry 

The political party conference saw renewed energy and commitments to improve the health of our nation. We’ve taken the time to reflect on what this means for dentistry and our sector.

Woman holding her face with tooth pain

29 September 2023

23 million working days lost to tooth pain

New figures from Denplan's 2023 Oral Healthcare Survey reveal that 23 million sick days are due to dental pain as three in ten Brits report taking time off work.

CIPD Health and Wellbeing at work report logo

28 September 2023

Health and Wellbeing at Work Report 2023

Applying learnings from the CIPD Health and Wellbeing at Work report to dental practices.

Catherine Rutland, Clincal Director

24 August 2023

The state of NHS dentistry

In July the Health and Social Care Committee's report on NHS dentistry was published. And we were pleased to see many of the things we have been lobbying for included with the Committee taking our recommendations into account.

Catherine Rutland, Clincal Director

07 June 2023

Supporting the sector

Pressure on dentists remains at an all-time high. We understand recruitment and retention of staff is vital to supporting the sector and we have developed a series of policy asks for the Government to help address this.

Neil O'Brien MP and Catherine Rutland

19 April 2023

Addressing dental deserts

In late March Catherine Rutland, Clinical Director at Denplan, was delighted to represent Denplan at a parliamentary reception we co-hosted with the Oral Health Foundation on the theme of ‘dental deserts’. 

Catherine Rutland, Clincal Director

15 March 2023

Being a force for good

March marks B Corp month and we are joining fellow B Corps in showcasing the many ways we have chosen to pursue a more impactful path, and how we’re going above and beyond for all people and the planet.

Dr Simon Chard and Dr Meghan Chard

06 March 2023

National Dentist’s Day: celebrating you

National Dentist's Day was created to recognise dentists everywhere and to give thanks for all that they do to support patients and educate them on the important role that good oral health plays in overall wellbeing. 

Two people making a heart shape with their hands

01 March 2023

Celebrating B Corp month

This month we’re delighted to be celebrating B Corp month and reflecting on one of our proudest achievements of 2022 - becoming the UK’s first dental plan provider to become B Corp certified. 

Catherine Rutland, Clincal Director talking to Louis MacKenzie, Head Dental Officer

31 January 2023

Reflections and actions for 2023 

As January comes to a close, many new years resolutions will feel like a distant memory. However, as we head into February, Dr Catherine Rutland takes some time to reflect on the past few years and focus on the year ahead.

Catherine Rutland, Clincal Director

25 October 2022

Driving conversations

Following the publication of the Next Gen Group’s policy report in the summer, Dr Catherine Rutland provides an update on Denplan's recent parliamentary engagement, which is currently focused on taking forward the recommendations in the report.

Dentsit working on a patient

13 July 2022

Next Gen Group's policy report

Denplan’s inaugural Next Gen group of young dentists have published a policy report setting out the key steps that need to be taken to attract and retain the best new talent in the profession.

A selection of dental tools

14 March 2022

Consumer Oral Health Survey 2022

Denplan has discovered worrying trends in the nation’s oral health as part of its comprehensive Consumer Oral Health Survey.

Dentist wearing PPE working on a patient

24 November 2021

The Mouth Cancer Action Month Hub

A digital toolkit, campaign materials such as posters and social media posts to download, our brand new multidisciplinary webinar series, and quotes from our experts on why Mouth Cancer Action Month is so important. 

Dentist working on a patient

24 November 2021

Mouth Cancer Action Charter launched to Parliament

The Oral Health Foundation and Denplan have presented a Mouth Cancer Action Charter to Members of Parliament to gain support and signatures from politicians and ministers as part of November’s Mouth Cancer Action Month.

Catherine Rutland, Clincal Director

28 October 2021

A Call to Action: The New Charter on Mouth Cancer

After a difficult year following the pandemic mouth cancer cases are still on the rise, and it remains more important than ever for dental teams to get involved in our campaign.

Dentaid mobile vans

11 October 2021

We're working with Dentaid

Dentaid has been solving oral health problems for vulnerable people for over 25 years. Find out how our sponsorship will support increased access to dental care for those most in need around the UK.

Westminster skyline of building at sunset

21 September 2021

The voice of dentistry in Westminster

Clinical Director Catherine Rutland reviews the discussion and interest generated from the publication of  our whitepaper; The Future of Dentistry.

Claire McMullen, practice owner

26 July 2021

Denplan has accelerated my practice growth

Practice owner Claire McMullan explains how she's seen a huge growth in patients since she transferred across to Denplan.

Jo Banks, Client Training Manager

20 May 2021

Growing interest in virtual training

Client Training Manager, Jo Banks, looks back over the past year and the growing interest in high quality virtual training provided by Denplan Academy.

Dentist wearing PPE working on a patient

14 April 2021

The Future of Dentistry 2021

This extensive report covers a wide range of issues that Denplan wants to highlight and put on the agenda of the government, policymakers and the wider dental profession. 

Catherine Rutland, Clincal Director

14 April 2021

Denplan to chair a roundtable on the Future of Dentistry

Clinical Director Catherine Rutland reflects on the 2020 Mouth Cancer Action Month, looking at the new ways of raising awareness and how lockdown meant adapting.

Person on a Teams call

01 February 2021

Keeping in touch in a digital world

Using our 2020 Denplan Forums, Catherine Rutland reflects on how we can adapt virtually and the learnings going forward.

John McAviney, Head of Practice Sales

17 December 2020

How we can support dentists through the pandemic

John McAviney, Head of Practice Sales at Denplan, sat down and explained how we helped dental practices in 2020, and ways we're looking to support dentists going forward. 

Catherine Rutland, Clincal Director

14 August 2020

Advocating on behalf of mixed practices during COVID-19

Discover how Catherine Rutland is taking the concerns of mixed practices to the highest levels of government, and how we're offering to help refine future guidance. 

Mug with a union jack tea bag

31 January 2020

Dentistry and leaving the EU

Written on 30 January 2020, Catherine Rutland looks at the impact leaving the EU could have on dentistry.

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