The Practice Commitment

Please read this before you submit your Denplan Excel application form

In applying for this prestigious certification each Denplan Excel practitioner and their team commit to support a consistent Practice Commitment. 

The Denplan Excel Certification Programme bases its quality assurance on a consistent Practice Commitment which all certified dentists and their teams are asked to sign. We provide very specific and practical supporting components, or tools which you can apply within your practice.

The Practice Commitment reads:

  • “We commit to the measurement of clinical effectiveness and oral health and ensure this is communicated to patients*, both individually and as a group” 
  • “We will support patients* in knowing what is being done and why, to ensure their best opportunity for improving oral health” 
  • “We will know and fully record the state of the oral health of all our patients* and involve patients* fully in decisions regarding their ongoing care and treatment” 
  • “We care what our patients* feel and think about the practice and will listen and act upon their views and opinions” 
  • “We are committed to opening our practice and procedures to regular independent monitoring and to act upon the results” 
  • “We undertake to practise using the most appropriate procedures and dental knowledge and to ensure both the dentist and practice team are up to date with the latest dental and customer care techniques” 

(*and to parents/carers as appropriate, where the patient is a child)