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If you’re looking to move towards private practice and gain independence from NHS dentistry, then look no further.

We understand that it can be difficult running a fully NHS practice, so let us help you to consider your options and explore why Denplan could help you take control of your business.

See what a difference Denplan payment plans could make to your practice.

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Benefits of private dentistry

Benefits of private dentistry


Learn how working with Denplan can help you to regain control of your practice, grow your income and increase the time you’re able to spend with your patients.

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Step guide to your NHS conversion

Transition made easy


We have a successfully proven record of ensuring NHS conversions run smoothly. We'll be here to offer our continuous support along the way, taking the strain so you’ll have less stress and more confidence to dedicate time to offering the best care for your patients.

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Meet our experts

Meet our experts


Our expertly trained consultants cover the whole of the UK.

In addition, we've trained a large team of dental professionals that are available to support you with expert regulatory advice and guidance whenever you need it.

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What it means to be a Denplan member

What it means to be a Denplan member?


When going private with Denplan, you'll discover a wealth of market-leading tools and services are included. Not only to help you grow your business, but manage your practice and grow your network at the same time.

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We caught up with Denplan member Sarah Hoggins to discuss how she moved her NHS patients on to a Denplan payment plan.

Watch Sarah catch up with her local Business Development Consultant, Kenny Fraser to discover how the transition has been a huge success story.

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Sarah Hoggins, Dental Surgeon, Transitioning from NHS to Denplan

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Transitioning from NHS to private dentistry - a Q&A


Denplan’s Head Dental Officer Louis Mackenzie and Simplyhealth’s Clinical Director Catherine Rutland discuss their personal experience of moving into private dentistry. Discover the advice they have for NHS dentists who are considering entering private practice and introducing payment plans into their practice.

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Read our transition success stories

Adam needed a change

Adam Hunter
Read how Adam wanted to improve services he could offer his patients
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Sarah's success story    

Sarah Hoggins
Read how Sarah converted her loyal patient base.
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Read Mital's NHS conversion

Mital Patel
An interview with Dr Mital Patel and how he moved to Denplan.
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