The benefits of private dentistry with Denplan

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Learn how we can help you regain control of your practice, grow your income and give you more time for patient care.


The dentistry landscape is changing. Disruption caused by the pandemic and an uncertain future of the current NHS dentistry model might have left you considering a move to private dentistry. For more than three decades, Denplan has offered dentists the perfect way to help patients afford top-quality private dental care and we really are unrivalled in the support we can offer you and your practice. We will help you to step into the world of private dentistry with Denplan, providing consistent expertise, business support, and opportunities to help grow and develop your private practice. Here’s how you can benefit from working with us:

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Regain control of your practice

Fears of litigation and heavy regulation have been found to be the most stressful aspects of being a dentist1.

Working on a private basis with Denplan will reduce this regulation, so you can regain control of your practice.

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Maintain a regular income


The volatile economic climate and falling NHS incomes are an increasing worry for practices. In fact, a recent survey by the BDA reveals that 79% of dentists are likely or extremely likely to face financial difficulty in 3-6 months, due to the pandemic3.

Working with Denplan will give you the flexibility to set your own fees, benefitting you and your patients. And there’s no clawback for under or over performance against targets, so you can enjoy a regular, reliable income.

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Spend more time with patients


Our research shows that 89% of private dentists say that more time with patients is a benefit of private practice4.

Your patients truly value your advice, and we know that sometimes it can be hard to dedicate enough time to addressing their worries. With less regulation, you can have more time for patient care, when you work with Denplan.

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Improve your work-life balance


Dentists who spend more time on NHS, rather than private work, tend to work longer hours per week and take less annual leave2.

Going private with Denplan allows you to ditch the painstaking paperwork so you can redress your work-life balance; whether you want more time for CPD, to spend with your family, or just to enjoy a break from work.


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Guy Ward and his dental team

"Introducing a Denplan payment plan into the practice has enabled me to plan ahead for the business and feel confident enough to look at expanding the practice in the future. Being able to spend a much more appropriate length of time with each patient has made all the difference to my day-to-day job satisfaction. Free of the constraints of the UDA system, I’m able to offer a better range of options for my patients.”

Guy Ward, Principal dentist at Mobberley Road Dental Practice in Knutsford

How could Denplan benefit your patients?

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More time with you


Crucially, in private practice with Denplan, your patients can have more time with you. Helping them understand treatments and providing advice for preventative oral health is all possible with lengthier consulting times.

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Budgeting for treatment


Sadly, more than a third of people have sacrificed dental check-ups for financial reasons5. With Denplan your patients can spread the cost of treatment evenly across the year. By providing access to regular oral care, your patients will be more committed to your practice, meaning better financial security for you.

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Overall health benefits


When patients are enabled to visit you regularly, their overall health can benefit too. Not only is a proactive approach beneficial for oral health, it can also help identify when there might be other more serious health problems happening.

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Improving your service

With a greater work-life balance, you and your colleagues will be able to spend more time on development, regularly increasing your skills and the level of care you can provide for your patients. Denplan will also be on hand to provide training sessions to keep you.

Supporting you every step of the way

Working with Denplan will give you access to practical advice and support from our experienced team.

Our Business Development Consultants can help you to achieve your business goals, grow your practice, and retain patients.

They can also provide tailored marketing support to help you promote your practice to reach new patients, and much more.

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