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Take control of your business. Go private. Go Denplan.


With over 30 years of private dentistry experience under our belt, we can provide you with the expertise and business support to help grow and develop your practice.

The benefits of our membership will help you to spend more time with your patients and provide the dental care they need.

A dedicated support team

In today’s ever-changing world, every practice needs to develop, market and fine tune its business to be profitable. We understand that practice’s often find it difficult to find the time. However, as part of your membership you’re able to contact our experienced team who can provide advice and support whenever you need it.

Whether you need expert business advice or patient support your Business Development Consultant will be glad to come and visit you, while the Practice Support Team can be contacted on 0800 328 3223.

Our phone lines are available from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday.

Access to clinical and regulatory guidance

Delivering exceptional dental care is the best way to enhance your reputation. Our team can help you to stay up-to-date with regulation and legislation, best practice, and the highest industry standards for care wherever you are in the UK.

Our Clinical Services team, supported by practising dentists, constantly scan the horizon for every change in legislation, and keeps you informed. This offers practices the opportunity to accredit themselves with our unique Denplan Excel programme. Each practice gets support with Clinical Governance, professional regulation and excellence in patient care and communication. Combine this with our Denplan Quality Programme (DQP) we will support you in meeting quality standards in the care and service provided to your patients as set out by the GDC. 

 In-depth research

Get deeper market insights. If you had 10,000 patients on your books but only 2,000 regular attenders, what would persuade more of them to use your services regularly?

Discover what patients want most and spot new opportunities to meet their needs by enhancing your products and services. From patient profiling reports to valuable feedback, what will make you standout? Each profiling report is worth £2,500 and is a valuable resource that is included within your membership. You can use your survey findings to improve and enhance your patient care, find out what additional services your patients would like you to offer and understand why your patients recommend your practice.

Training and events

Want to be refreshed, revitalised and armed with good ideas - or simply feel more relaxed? Denplan arrange training and events for you and your team each year. These are a great opportunity to catch up with your peers, share your views and have some fun!

Denplan Academy will support all your team’s needs with a personalised package that’s just right for your practice team. Whether you want this delivered in your practice or your preferred venue or via a video conference, we’ve got you. From clinical and non-clinical training to Denplan product knowledge, our CPD Learning events are just the right balance of fun and learning. Our courses are compliant with the BDIA code of practice for Dental CPD. 


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