Plans for your patients

Our range of dental payment plans are flexible and easy to set up, providing your patients with the plan that's best suited to them.

Your patients are individuals, so our plans are designed to suit a variety of budgets and dental needs. We also give you the flexibility of setting patients' fees for them.

What’s more, Denplan payment plans are recognised and trusted plans asked for by patients. You can use it alongside your own brand to help attract new patients to your practice as well as offering a way of budgeting for dental care to your existing patients.

We’re more than just a payment plan provider. We have an extensive range of services available, such as our Customer Advisors, who can help to save time for your team by taking care of a variety of queries that your patients may have about their plans. They also help to retain existing patients, complete plan administration to make it easy for new patients to join, and more.

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Greater flexibility

We bend over backwards to give more choice to you and your patients

The plans we offer

We offer the following dental plans for your patients:

In addition to the above plans, we also offer:

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