Why Denplan?

"Patients trust me to know what’s best for them
– clearly, that’s Denplan."

November 2022

Here for you. Here for patients. Here for dentistry.

Being a Denplan dentist gives Nina more time with her patients as well as a chance to be herself.

"I’m a great believer in serendipity. I’ll try just about anything that comes my way because everything you learn is useful at some point. I like to challenge myself and give it my all, which is why I’ve already had such a varied and interesting career.

I first encountered Denplan when I went to work in a private practice in Padstow. I was so impressed with how well the plans worked, for dentists and patients alike. It wasn’t just that Denplan provided financial stability, particularly important at a time when the economy was uncertain, it also made it easier to improve my patients’ oral health. They would attend regularly, and we had the time to discuss changes they could make for themselves."

You know it’s right for your patients

"Though I moved on from the Padstow practice to a number of different jobs (even dabbling as a snowboarding instructor), my allegiance as a dentist has remained with Denplan ever since. Once you’ve been in a position to provide the care you know is right for your patients, you want to maintain the highest quality wherever you practise.

Serendipity came calling again when a good friend decided to retire and sell his Denplan practice. He wanted it to be taken on by someone who shared his high standards and would really look after his patients. It was a wonderful opportunity and a huge compliment that he invited me to be his replacement. Denplan took care of all the transfer details and the practice was soon thriving."

Denplan plans are so clearly the best option for them that they sell themselves, so we’re all happy.

Denplan plans sell themselves

"In our area of the country, where people may need to travel some distance to reach a dentist, word of mouth recommendations are particularly valuable. Most new patients come to me this way; I’m always frank and honest with them and they trust my judgement. Denplan plans are so clearly the best option for them that they sell themselves, so we’re all happy.

I have a lot of patients who travel back and forth for work, so they arrange their regular appointments with me for when they’re here, knowing that if they needed emergency care in between, their Denplan supplementary insurance will cover them if they’re away from home*. I’m also able to respond to dental emergencies when patients of other Denplan dentists are on holiday nearby. That’s the beauty of being part of the Denplan family; patients find it reassuring that they’ll have access to the same quality of care, even when they’re out of area."

*Patients have the option to add Denplan Supplementary Insurance to their Denplan payment plan, giving worldwide dental injury and dental emergency cover. Terms and conditions apply.

Dentist Nina sitting and smiling

I show them how good care can be

"Many of my patients are older, often retired people and I love that I have the time to have a joke with them or catch up on what’s going on in the area, as well as helping them to maintain really good oral health, regardless of their age. I also take some dental emergencies where people have no other access to dental care. It’s a pleasure to show them just how good care can be and, since there’s no joining fee with Denplan Plus, they often find Denplan plans more affordable than they expected. Many choose to sign up just to be sure of being able to see the same dentist as and when they need to."

An opportunity to learn

"I don’t overload my appointment book so that I also have a chance to explore other areas that interest me. I find that Denplan brings together an impressive array of professionals who are experts in their field and you benefit enormously from the opportunity to learn from them, particularly on matters such as governance, compliance and the direction of the profession as a whole.

It's given me the insight and confidence to apply my skills to other settings, such as being a non-executive director of a hospital trust and trustee of a local charity. I’m busy because I choose to be, not because I have to be - and that’s the key for me."

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