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Understandably it is a very busy time for ordering PPE at the moment. Wrights are working very hard to look after Denplan dentists and ensure they receive as much as possible from their PPE allowance.

Everything you need to know

  • Who should I contact if I am unable to open the documents in the PPE email?

    For support with your order please contact Wrights on 0800 668899. Please note, if you are unable to open documents, please try again on a laptop or PC as this could be due to using a tablet device.


  • I never received or have lost the email, how can I get it resent?

    Please contact your PSA who will arrange to have this sent back out to you.


  • Are there ordering limits?

    Yes, all ordering limits have been recommended by the Department of Health to give a fair chance for all those in need of PPE.


  • How long does it take for stock to arrive?

    Delivery times for in stock items are 2 days (Fedex/DHL) (add 1-2 days for NI and IOM). Please ensure someone is available to collect deliveries (to avoid them being sent back).


  • Why are aprons out of stock, and what can we do?

    Wrights were let down by the supplier of the aprons that were shown on the published list and are working hard to source a new supplier to be able to offer them at a similar price. As soon as they can get stock that gives as good a price or better price to members they will adjust the price list accordingly.


  • Why are practices outside of England being refused stock?

    The only items that Wrights are unable to supply based on geography are the items purchased from Public Health England – these are part of stipulation for them supplying this stock to Wrights.  This gives them cheaper FFP2 masks to sell to practices in England as they are on list to be used with allowance.  Practices outside of England can buy anything else from Wrights.


  • My order hasn’t arrived after 2 days, what should I do?

    Please contact Wrights for updates on delivery. We don’t have access to this information so please get in touch on 0800 668899.


  • Why can’t I get through to Wrights on the phone?

    It is inevitably a very busy time for ordering PPE. Wrights have opened all 20 phone lines. Calls are complex as many customers are needing to set up accounts, pay off invoices, or have complicated orders with lots of questions. They are getting through them though so do keep trying. 


  • Do we need to pay for our PPE and send the invoice to Denplan?

    No, originally there was a miscommunication on this but it has since been resolved. 


  • Is there a set amount of stock put aside for Denplan practices?

    There isn’t specific stock set aside for Denplan practices - Wrights are working hard to establish supply chains and have deliveries arriving each week.


  • Why is it taking more than 24 hours to get my account set up?

    Wrights are working at full pace to set up all accounts. 


  • Why have I received an invoice from Wrights for my PPE?

    Hopefully the customer service team will have explained to you, that provided you have quoted Denplan PPE, there is no need to make payment, you will receive a credit note for the items.


  • Why has the stock availability changed since the list you sent out in your original communication?

    There is a very high demand for PPE, where items go out of stock Wrights are working hard to continue the supply. Where items are no longer available there will be alternatives available which Wrights customer service team will be able to discuss with you.


  • Why are there no FFP2 masks available to order?

    There are only FFP2 masks available to practices in England from the Public Health England supply. The original supply of these masks failed testing so Wrights are working to find an alternative supplier.


  • Why are there substantial differences in the prices of products?

    Stock supplied by Public Health England has been purchased at a much lower rate and Wrights are able to pass this cost onto their customers.

  • Will VAT apply to stock on the published list of products after the exception ends on 31st July?

    Yes, from 1st August VAT will apply to all PPE products.

  • Why are the products on the list that Denplan sent no longer available?

    Wrights have all types of PPE in stock. Due to Public Health England changing the stock they are supplying and Wrights needing to find new suppliers to keep items in stock, these may vary to those originally published.

  • When I call Wrights it says the phone line is unavailable?

    This is due to the volume of calls they are receiving at this time. Avoiding calling between 12-2 will increase your chance of being able to speak to a customer service representative. All products are available to order through the website.

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