Buying or selling a practice

Helping our members with Goodwill Transfers when they buy or sell a practice to make the process as smooth as possible

Buying or selling a dental practice can be an exciting and, at times, challenging experience. We support our member dentists with every aspect of transferring or acquiring Denplan patients. 

If you’re thinking of selling your practice let us know in confidence as soon as possible and we’ll guide you through what’s needed to make the process seamless for all your patients. And the sooner you tell us, the more we can do to help you. 

Having patients on Denplan payment plans can help to increase the value of your practice because of the regular income brought in through their monthly payments. 

For both parties, we offer a simple transfer of the goodwill of Denplan patients from seller to buyer through a proven approach that minimises patient loss and maximises goodwill retention. This reputation has been built on a wealth of experience helping countless practices over the last quarter century. You can rely on our knowledge, experience and confidentiality to help make a practice sale as smooth as possible. 

You’ll have the support of a dedicated, expert coordinator who has all the experience you need.

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Looking to buy or sell a practice?

We can help make the process easier.

How we help with buying or selling a dental practice

We provide our dentists with resources to help the Goodwill Transfer to run as smoothly as possible. This includes: 

  • Risk management support and advice
  • Advice to help ensure the smooth running of goodwill transfer and re-direction of funds
  • Free mailings to your patients - working with you to communicate to existing patients to explain changes that will affect them  

If you’d like more information about how we can help with the sale or purchase of a practice, contact your local Dental Business Consultant or call the Practice Support team on 0800 328 3223. 

Alternatively, click here if you’d like to find out more about becoming a member dentist to benefit from this and other support services exclusive to our member dentists.

Don't just take our word for it - Ravi's story.

Ravi, a member dentist was looking to buy his first practice and take on its existing Denplan patients in 2011. This is his experience: 

“A consultant summarised what the plans were all about, the ethics of the company and the way in which it benefited practice owners and patients alike. He put me in touch with my local Dental Business consultant, Wendy, who was knowledgeable and very happy to speak to me, even though the purchase hadn't been finalised yet.

"Wendy was the local area consultant for the practice I was about to purchase, so our working relationship started well before I had even taken over, and she has continued to be there throughout. Prior to taking over, she was a good sounding board and gave me real insight as to the area, demographics and type of practice I was about to take over. Although she worked for Simplyhealth Professionals, she gave me an unbiased view as to the positives and pitfalls surrounding Fee-per Item vs Capitation schemes, one that I had never had to work with prior. Buying a practice that had a large Capitation scheme could have been a mine field, but I can safely say that this service and continued contact with a member of the team was invaluable during what was a very intense period of time. She was always on the end of the phone, even on weekends! 

"Once I had taken over the reins, and things were moving on, Wendy and I had several face-to-face meetings to discuss the ins and outs of the practice, plus the marketing and legislative support I could expect from Denplan. This was foreign ground for me, as I was anticipating a mountain of paperwork, but she quickly quelled my worries and broke down what seemed to be a long process into something much simpler. 

"She made me aware of what the norm was in the area by calling neighbouring practices and seeing how they fared when it came to services on offer, customer service and price and so on. The report I got back was a professional, in-depth document which was about 40 pages thick and was truly invaluable as a barometer of where we were and whether our systems were effective. 

"Keeping up with legislation and paperwork can take a lot of time. The previous owner handled all these affairs herself, something one practicing dentist cannot do alone in this current climate. Simplyhealth Professional's online practice support systems have been simple, very effective and so user friendly that my team now handle most of it alone. The practice manuals and guidance on offer are extensive and all encompassing and have saved me thousands of pounds in membership fees to various organisations that offer similar documents templates. Even more importantly it has given the team the control and confidence to understand and deliver an even higher standard of care and attention as they are now a part of the legislation and management process. The team successfully achieved an outstanding report from the CQC at their first inspection, one that we are all now proud of”. - Ravi Nathwani

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