BrightBites Programme

We're passionate about supporting children to learn about the importance of good oral health, so they can form good habits to keep their teeth and mouths healthy.

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Making children smile across the UK

In partnership with Dentaid, The Dental Charity, we're on a mission to reach 90,000 school-aged children through our fun and engaging oral health education programme - BrightBites.

In 2023, 15 million* school days were missed due to dental problems. We're committed to changing this by targeting schools, nurseries and clubs for low-income families.

Our volunteers deliver in-person oral health education sessions and every child leaves with a toothbrush, toothpaste and a smile on their face!

Attia’s BrightBites volunteering experience
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We need your support in these areas

Working with our charity partners, we've identified 25 UK locations, where our support is most needed. 

If you're based in or around these locations, we'd love to hear from you. Download our map to see the full list of our key focus areas.

A chart showing percentage of school children reached with the BrightBites Programme

Tracking our progress with the Smile-o-meter

Since expanding our BrightBites Programme in 2024, we've been tracking our progress as we aim to reach 90,000 school-aged children across the UK.

The smiles just keep coming!

Figures last updated: April 2024

Image description: Up to 30th April 2024 our current total is 4,430

BrightBites volunteer with primary school children

Helpful resources

Two volunteers colouring in with primary school children


BrightBites resources for teachers

BrightBites resources for teachers include classroom activities, lesson plans and experiments that are designed to work alongside the curriculum and enhance our BrightBites sessions.

Mother and son with toothbrushes checking teeth in mirror


BrightBites resources for parents or carers

Alongside our BrightBites sessions every child receives toothbrushing charts, stickers, recipes and healthy teeth leaflets, to educate and inform the whole family. They are a great way of continuing your child's positive oral health journey at home.

Interested in volunteering for BrightBites?

Denplan's Head of Denplan Partnerships, Elliot Littlechild, delivered a BrightBites session at Park Community School, Havant in April 2024:

I enjoyed every minute of swapping the Denplan Boardroom for the BrightBites classroom. The children loved the opportunity to be interactive with the mouth models and we had some interesting questions that kept me on my toes.

I'd highly recommend anyone to volunteer and deliver a BrightBites session - the kids and school were so grateful for our visit and the free toothbrushes and toothpaste!

- Elliot Littlechild, Head of Denplan Partnerships

No dental experience needed!

Our BrightBites education sessions are delivered by a fantastic team of volunteers from Dentaid, Denplan and the Denplan dental community. 

All volunteers receive a BrightBites t-shirt, the presentation and all the resources they need to deliver a fun and interactive session at their local school.

Frequently asked questions

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Do I need to be qualified to host a session?

Not at all! All you need is a bit of confidence and a DBS check*.

*cost of DBS check covered by BrightBites.

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will I receive?

Rest assured, you’ll receive everything you need to deliver a fun and interactive session.

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How are the sessions arranged?

Simply reach out to a local establishment and offer a visit. Or Dentaid can link you up with a setting that has requested support!

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How long
does a
session last?

30 minutes, give or take.

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Where are the sessions held?

Any childcare establishment - nursery, school, holiday club or library.

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What age bracket is BrightBites suitable for?

Children up to 11 years.


Top tip: Our programme is actually quite versatile and can be tailored for alternative audiences.

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What is covered in the session?

Everything from toothbrushing and teeth to sugar awareness and dental appointments.

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Are parents / guardians welcome?

Most definitely! Where possible, we encourage them to attend to learn alongside their children.

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