Get Denplan

It's easy to join Denplan

1.  Choose your Denplan dentist


Over 6,700 dental practices offer Denplan payment plans across the UK. Use our ‘Find a Denplan dentist' tool to locate your nearest practice, or check if your current practice is a member with us. Already with an NHS dentist? Many NHS dentists offer private treatments as well, so you may not need to change.


2.  Book and attend your first check-up

Your current dental health is the primary focus of the initial check-up. There are two steps to this check-up. Your dentist will first establish if any treatment is needed before joining Denplan. They will then discuss your future oral health needs with you. The Denplan payment plan options offered are based on both dental needs and budget. 

3.  Discuss your plan and complete your application

Before completion, your dentist will talk you through the agreed contract. Your ongoing treatment and care will be detailed in this chat. You'll be able to discuss any potential work not covered, and define the next steps.

4.  Start benefiting from your Denplan dental cover

Welcome to Denplan! Once your application has been completed, we'll send a welcome pack out to you. This contains vital information about your plan. We advise you keep these documents for future reference. Once received, you can start enjoying the benefits of Denplan.