How to join Simplyhealth Professionals

To join a Denplan payment plan, all you need to do is follow these four easy steps ...

1. Choose which Denplan provider you want to join and book your first appointment with them

You can use our ‘Find A Dentist  tool to locate your nearest member dentist simply by entering your postcode. 

For tips about choosing a dental practice that is right for you, see our guide to choosing a dentist 

2. Make sure you’re dentally fit and agree on a dental payment plan that’s right for you with your Denplan provider

When you visit your chosen practice for the first time, the dentist will speak to you about which plan is right for your dental needs and your budget. 

If you're looking to join our Denplan Care payment plan, your dentist will also make sure that you have no outstanding dental treatment. 

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Join a Denplan payment plan

If you're looking for a dentist to give you outstanding dental treatment

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3. Discuss and complete your application and the contract between you and your dentist (which states anything that may be excluded from your plan) 

Before completing your application to join a Denplan payment plan, you will be provided with information about our Denplan Supplementary Insurance. This optional cover provides additional benefits in the case of dental injury or an emergency. Full details can be found here.  

4. You'll receive a welcome letter or email from Simplyhealth Professionals to confirm your application has been successfully processed

This will contain important details about your plan and we recommend you keep it for future reference.

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How to join Simplyhealth Professionals online

Some of our practices allow you to sign up to Denplan Essentials online with our Find a Dentist tool.

Just search on Find a Dentist and look for the the 'Start a plan' button on the right hand side of your selected practice.

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