MyDenplan - registration help


Having trouble registering for MyDenplan?


We're sorry to hear that you're having some trouble registering for MyDenplan. Below are a few general tips as well as solutions for any error messages you may encounter. 

  • Look out for extra spaces where you've entered your name, date of birth or membership number 

  • When we email you, please don't copy and paste the confirmation link into a browser window that's already open. Please either click the link, or copy and paste into a new window.

  • Please make sure your password fits these criteria:

    • Must be a minimum of 8 characters
    • Cannot contain a sequence of 7 successive numbers, e.g. 1234567
    • Cannot contain a sequence of 7 successive letters e.g. abcdef
    • Cannot contain a sequence of 7 successive keyboard keys, e.g. QWERTYU
    • Cannot contain a repeat of 7 characters, e.g. 1111111
    • Cannot be the same as your membership number, username or email address
    • Cannot contain your first name or surname

You've received a ‘in process of registering’ message

For security purposes, you will need to wait for a small period of time after a failed registration attempt before trying again. If you wait 25 minutes, and try again, this should be resolved.

You haven't received the email to complete your registration process

Please check your spam folder first to make sure the email hasn't been marked as spam accidentally.

Alternatively, you may have entered your email incorrectly. If you haven't received the email within an hour of submitting your registration request then please try registering again, and check your email address is correct.

You get the message 'your link has expired or something went wrong'

You've received the link email, but it’s not working

Have you followed the link within 25 minutes? You need to make sure you use the link within 25 minutes of receiving the email, or it will expire for security purposes.

Have you clicked the link, or copied and pasted into the already open window of their browser? Make sure you either click the link, or copy and paste into a new window

You see this message: ‘sorry, we weren’t able to complete your registration for MyDenplan’ 

Sorry, you'll need to start the registration process again as you've tried and failed to log in too many times.

You've forgotten your reference number

We've got you covered. You can request your reference number by clicking here and entering your email address. We'll send it to you in an email so check your inbox.

If you can't see the email, make sure you look in the junk folder. Unfortunately, our emails find their way there on occasion.

The email will contain your membership reference and paygroup id (if you are the payer).