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Published: 23/03/2021

Step One: Thinking about moving to private practice from the NHS?

Converting from the NHS to private dentistry can seem like a daunting prospect.


However, with the right support, it’s a great chance for a fresh and lucrative kick-start - with multiple benefits for everyone.


Denplan is ready to embark on this exciting journey with you. Our dental experts and wider team have comprehensive processes and toolkits in place to support and guide you - if and when the time’s right.


But first thing’s first. You need to be sure that converting is the right course of action for your patients, for you and of course your team. That’s where Denplan’s thirty plus years of first-hand experience comes into play.  We offer payment plans which give your patients flexibility, allowing them to budget for their dental care and oral health needs, making your decision to convert a positive choice for everyone.


To get the ball rolling, our expert consultants will use their clinical and business experience alongside our assessment tool “Denplanner”. This sets out where you are now in your practice and imagines the future – whether breaking away completely or partially from the NHS. 


We will only suggest a plan going forward if we believe conversion is right for you and your practice. 



Step Two: Take a moment to hear about the benefits from fellow professionals



There’s a growing raft of reasons to convert from the NHS, which we - and our dentist converts – hold close to our hearts. Take a look at the information here for a quick reminder and browse some case studies from happy dentists like Adam: 


“In private dentistry you get to carry out more complex treatments, with as much time as you need, so you can become a better practitioner sooner.”


Step Three: Contact our friendly Denplan team



Book an initial and friendly conversation – no strings attached - with someone who has been through the conversion process with other NHS dentists. We’ll take the time to listen to your professional and personal story and talk you through the potential process or chat to us on 0800 169 9962.



Step Four: Denplanner fact-finder



If it’s right to go ahead with a no-obligation review of your practice, we’ll work to gather the key data and use our Denplanner toolkit to imagine your independent future, helping you identify the steps and goals needed to make this a reality.

Denplanner fact find screenshot

The current facts:


  • Patient base
    The numbers of NHS patients you have seen in the last 18 months, split between: fee paying, exempt and children.
  • Patient care
    On average how long you spend with each patient each year (for each patient type).
  • Income
    Your current income and private income from NHS patients (and any additional income).
  • Expenditure
    How much you are spending on lab bills and extras such as hygienist costs.
  • Working hours
    How many hours you are working per week and how many weeks per year.
  • Your competitors
    Who they are and where they are located.
  • Your practice staff
    Their expertise in clinical and non-clinical areas


The future picture:

Denplanner projections screenshot
  • Structure of your practice
    Are you thinking of converting fully, Principal only or Associate only? All these are possible outcomes.
  • Patient base
    What’s your predicted conversion of NHS patients? By how much do you want to grow your practice?
  • Projections
    What’s your income potential (based on fee setting) to optimise your practice income?
  • Goals and ambitions
    Do you have investment plans for your practice such as new technology or premises improvements?
  • Personal training plan
    Do you have ambitions to introduce new skillsets into your practice? Have you considered new treatments for your patients which are outside the NHS scope?
  • Practice team
    What clinical and non-clinical training would your team benefit from?
  • Work/life plan
    Are personal circumstances accelerating your desire to convert? How many hours a day or days per week do you want to work in the future?

Step Five: Take control and begin a new chapter



After the options have been fully considered and the financial analysis completed, you can be confident in your future direction. Denplan is here to support your journey every step of the way. 

If you decide to take control of your practice and convert, then we’ll work closely together to ensure everything is in place for a stress-free and successful launch. We’ll smooth out the bumps in the regulatory and compliance path, help you implement a marketing and communication plan for your patients and fully train your staff to be ready for an exciting future.


And that’s just the beginning. Over the period of our relationship, we will offer a wealth of business, clinical and regulatory advice, access to in-depth research, ongoing training as well as recruitment campaigns to grow your patient base.



Want to know more?



Interested in seeing what the future could hold for your practice, or just want to get a little more detail about potentially converting from the NHS? We have a number of resources available to help you make an informed decision.


Prefer to speak to a person? You can get in touch with our team to have a chat, with no pressure. Simply click below to get started.

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