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Denplan has worked alongside NHS and private dentists for many decades.


We witness every day the challenges of running an NHS practice, but we also understand the uncertainty that may arise when you consider the option of gaining independence.


In this section, we bring together industry experts and people who have made the switch to private practice, giving comprehensive information and support around this much-discussed topic.

Advice and guidance on moving from NHS to Private dentistry:

The Denplanner Tool

Dentist using the Denplan Denplanner tool


A tool designed to help you decide if private dentistry is right for you. Created by our expert consultants using their clinical and business experience.

Try the Denplanner tool

Transitioning from NHS to Private dentistry?

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Visit the NHS section of our website, providing you with the support you'll need. 
NHS to Private: Resources

A case study: How joining Denplan has given us back control

Profile image of Richard Alexander of Greenlaw Dental Care


Dentist Richard Alexander talks about how last year’s first coronavirus lockdown was an accelerator to change tack after six decades as a family NHS practice in Scotland. Discover their journey since joining Denplan six months ago.

Greenlaw Dental Care's story

5 reasons why dentists should consider going private

Private dentist smiling at the camera


It may seem like a daunting prospect, but we've got five benefits to private dentistry, including regaining control of your practice. 

5 benefits of going private

Q&A: What it's like transitioning from NHS to private dentistry

Catherine Rutland, Clinical Director at Denplan


Denplan’s Head Dental Officer Louis Mackenzie and Simplyhealth’s Clinical Director Catherine Rutland discuss their personal experience of moving into private dentistry, with advice for NHS dentists deliberating the move. 

Exclusive insight into going private

Understanding Dentistry Tax - TINA or DORA?

Dr Roger Matthews Profile Picture


Dr Roger Matthews breaks down dentistry tax implications for dentists in the UK.

Implications of dentistry tax
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