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There are so many hot topics in this critical arena and we take into consideration your personal circumstances, the undercurrents in your practice teams and of course the health of your patients.

Resilience, emotional intelligence, mental wellbeing, nutrition and many more themes closely linked to our industry – and life - are covered here, for you.

The latest in health and wellbeing from Denplan:

Denplan member dentists walking down a grass hill with rocks

2023 events wrap up

We've had another brilliant year of events with our Denplan dentists, and we thought rather than just list them all, we would take this time to share a little glimpse into what it’s like when you join one of our iconic outings.

Man meditating on mat outside

Helping with stress management


Our module on stress management covers the daily pressures of life and why we're constantly wired to activity.

Two colleagues talking to each other

Is your team supported?


Catherine Rutland offers her thoughts on how to look after the wellbeing of your whole dental team.

Three women walking in the moors

Women's health


In a sector where the workforce are predominantly female, women’s health conversations are overdue.

Man and his dog spending unstructured time in the countryside

The beauty of unstructured time


Is your time is so structured and can often feel like a relentless challenge? Our Clinical Director Catherine Rutland shares the benefits of having 'absolutely nothing planned.'

Dental practice receptionist and marketing materials

Looking for Practice Advice?


Discover articles from staff planning to health and safety guidelines. 

Cricket ball on cricket pitch

Supporting health checks at the cricket


Learn about Boundaries for Life, a project founded by Dr Chet Trivedy offering free health checks for spectators and ground staff at major cricket fixtures throughout the UK.

Two colleagues having a thoughtful conversation

Managing mental health at work


Learnings from the 'Managing Mental Health at Work’ course, run by MIND, with measures you can take in your practice. 

Friends enjoying a coffee together

Using positive moments to break the negative loop


Ever focussed on negative comments and keep going over them, getting stuck in a loop? It's time to switch it up and give the positives some attention.

No-added-sugar chocolate cookies

No-added-sugar chocolate cookies


Denplan Practice Advisor Carol Pritchard has lent us one of her favourite recipes, kind on your teeth and great to share with your patients. 

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