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This Core segment offers you practical and applicable advice relating to your practice. We’re aware that your needs will vary depending on where you are on your journey.

You may be starting out and looking for help with financing your first practice.

Or you may be fully immersed in the ‘every day’ but need support when it comes to health and safety, compliance or using social media and other marketing ideas to promote your business.

On the other hand, you may be looking forward to retirement and would appreciate help to understand your future options.

It’s all here - for you and your business.

Advice and guidance on running your dental practice:
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Staff planning and budgeting guidance


Lily Head, of Lily Head Dental Practice Sales, discusses the impact staff costs can have on the value of your dental practice and some benchmarking data for Principals to consider.

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How dental practices can use social media channels


Discover how social media helps you communicate with large numbers of your patients quickly and in a cost-effective manner in an increasingly digital world.

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How to ride the waves of investment with success 


Chase de Vere, experts in helping dentists make the best decision for themselves and their business, provide insights and long-term advice to investors.

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A boom in adult orthodontics: Is your practice ready?


Increased awareness of adult orthodontics and the influence of celebrity smiles and bloggers on consumers are making adult braces a popular route to a confident smile.

Female dental nurse in the practice

Mentoring Women in Dentistry


A discussion around the benefits for both the individual and the workplace of mentoring women within the dental profession. This interview first appeared in the January issue of The Probe magazine.

Dentist and patient looking at a tablet

The view from the chair: A patient's experience


After some first-hand experience, Dr Catherine Rutland explores how our patients feel during appointments and how we disseminate information.

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What GDPR means for dentists in the UK


Roger Matthews, who prepared our guide to GDPR in 2018, shares his warnings about data protection. 

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Health and safety in dental practices


We share our knowledge on how to keep your practice safe and compliant, including four-handed dentistry and risk assessments. 

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Maximising the value of your practice


We look at the three questions you should consider to determine if you’ve maximised the value of your practice. A small change each day can add up to a bigger result on the bottom line over time.

The back of a dentist's chair

Vicarious Liability in Dentistry: Knowing your risks


MIAB Director Tristan Lennox-Gentle explains why, as a dental practice owner, it's important to understand what you are liable for, and how to mitigate the threats to your practice. 


Catherine Rutland profile picture - Clinical Director

Brexit and what it means for Dentistry: Part 1


Posted in 2019, Catherine Rutland looks at the implications of Brexit on the dental industry and what it could mean for your practice. 

Catherine Rutland profile picture - Clinical Director

Brexit and what it means for dentistry: Part 2


Part 2 of our look at what Brexit may mean for the dental industry, written by Catherine Rutland in 2019, looking at preparations and guidance. 

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