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Denplan has been proactively supporting dentists and patients for the past 35 years and will constantly continue to build on that. The Core delivers relevant, up-to-date information about the dental industry, oral health and the support Denplan provides.


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Company news

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Stay in touch with the latest business news and company updates that affect your industry.

The latest from the industry

Professional development

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Updates from our industry-leading events team delivering sources of training and development to support you and your team’s CPD requirements. 

Events & training

Practice advice

Dental practice receptionist and marketing materials


The A-Z practice advice guide: acquisitions, budgeting, compliance and many more. 

Support for your practice

Going private

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The thought-provoking topic of whether to, when to and how to leave the NHS or change plan provider.

NHS to Private: The details

Health and wellbeing

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Welcome clarity to a much-needed and intensely reported subject that is tailored to our industry.

Prioritising your wellbeing

COVID-19 support

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Our COVID-19 content offers practical and emotional support as well as current information within fast-moving scenarios. 

COVID-19 updates and advice

For your patients

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Engaging and meaningful information for your patients and their families.

A blog for patients


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Content straight from our partners and specialists, delivered through the Dental Expert Network.

The Denplan Expert Network
Profiles of the experts behind our content.
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Meet the authors
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