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Published: 20/05/2021
By Jo Banks, Client Training Manager

Just over a year since moving its training online due to the Covid19 pandemic, Denplan Academy has seen an increase in members signing up for their virtual courses. Practices are giving great feedback on the varied content available to them – with more new courses launching this month.

Jo Banks Client Training Manager

While working under Covid constraints, we know continuing to develop and motivate staff is vital for dental practices. Team training and staff development are huge parts of this and evidence how valued your teams are through investing in them.


This past year has really been all about continuing to meet the training and development needs for our members working with them remotely. Denplan Academy has always thrived on delivering high quality sessions covering the latest issues affecting dental practices, which we are pleased to have been able to continue via online platforms.


Seeing the demand grow has been great, and we are so pleased practice teams have taken to this new way of learning. 


Virtual training is now part of business as usual, with content constantly developing and more than 24 courses now being available to Denplan member practice staff. Some of these courses include;

Flexibility of virtual training


Practices are loving some of the flexibility the virtual training gives them. We have changed some of our approach on length of session, and offered combinations of webinars, interactive training and follow-up sessions. This has enabled us to bring together teams that were physically apart and added more flexibility for practices fitting in with their increased clinical demands during Covid-19. Many practices are breaking up bespoke practice sessions to fit in over lunchtime hours ensuring they can still see patients. Being able to offer staff CPD opportunities during this difficult time has also given them a real uplift.


While we all miss being face-to-face, our virtual training is very interactive and has been constantly developed and refined over the past year. We’ve adapted it to practices’ needs and, with technology developing all the time – making things like interactive whiteboards and breakout rooms possible it has really improved the experience for both us trainers and attendees.


Virtual training is now part of business as usual, with content constantly developing and more than 24 courses now being available to Denplan member practice staff. Some of these courses include;


Growth training programme

Supporting Denplan’s newest membership scheme, Denplan Plus, a Growth Training Package was recently launched supporting practices that are looking to increase their Denplan patient numbers and offerings. It includes product webinars, team training sessions, follow-up sessions with practice managers and receptionists, as well as tools on how to best retain your patients.

New receptionist and practice manager programme


Denplan Academy has also seen a vast interest in its new programmes tailored for different team roles within the practice.


The Receptionist and Practice Manager programme was set up in March and runs monthly sessions especially for receptionists and practice managers. It not only connects staff from across practices, but also covers a range of topics, including making a positive personal impact, social media and marketing, HR topics and more. The first session about the mental health and wellbeing of staff was a huge success.


Training courses for new practice staff


Denplan Academy has also developed training for supporting new staff joining practices. The course includes learning about the basics of data protection and Health and Safety amongst other key practice areas.


Our Safeguarding level 3 is designed for Safeguarding leads in practices and covers all areas of the UK. Available dates and booking details can be found on our website


Besides this, Denplan’s clinical webinars, Denplan Champions training, as well as bespoke tailor-made practice training sessions have all been running online.


For more information about the Denplan Academy online training courses phone us on 01962 828026 or visit

As a practice we really wanted to push forward with increasing our Denplan numbers. Our session had a lot of elements to consider for growth planning and gave the team good ideas to go away and think about. The interactive nature of the remote video session allowed our staff to genuinely get on board with our vision and be involved with ideas to benefit the business. In the current climate having training like this allows us to still progress, rather than sessions being delayed until we can meet face to face.
Parina Goricha-Stewart , Principle dentist, Walton Road Dental Practice, Stockton Heath
It was really nice to see other practice managers on the training session and hear how they are experiencing life after lockdown. It was really helpful to have time before the meeting for the other managers to interact with each other. It made me feel that my practice is not the only one going through the challenges regarding Covid-19. One of many things I have taken away from the session is how I can help and support my team and how to support patients with their anxieties of coming back to the dental practice.
Sima Chauhan, Practice Manager, Andrew Lee Dental Practice, Leamington Spa
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