Denplan’s 2023 Oral Healthcare Report 

The 2023 Denplan Oral Healthcare Report identifies key dental trends and the current attitudes and habits of UK dental patients.

A comprehensive survey of over 5,000 UK consumers

Carried out by Deltapoll on behalf of Simplyhealth, this comprehensive annual survey covers oral hygiene practices, access and barriers to dental care, as well as guidance for children’s oral health care.

3 key findings from 2023


Dental visit frequency

  • People are visiting the dentist less frequently than a year ago, with 23% visiting less than every two years, only when they’re in pain, or not at all (compared with 20% in 2022).  


Dentists’ wider role in health

  • 28% of people have discussed other health problems with their dentist, and 15% were referred to another health practitioner following an appointment.


Loyalty to dentists

  • 25% have had the same dentist for +10 years and 59% of Brits see their dentist more consistently than they see the same GP, showing the vital role dentists play in people’s lives.  
Lady brushing her teeth in bathroom mirror

Prioritising oral health

Cost of living pressures have understandably led to prevention slipping down people's list of priorities. Sadly, many people cancelled appointments because they couldn't afford them, then later paid for emergency treatment when problems had worsened.

More than half of adults pay for dental care as it’s received, which means it’s difficult for them to budget for it over the course of a year. Spreading the cost through a dental payment plan is a great way to avoid sudden, unexpected expenses. 

We understand the importance of taking a preventative approach with regards to oral healthcare, and the need to embrace good oral health habits from an early age. That’s why our report also includes some helpful tips for children’s oral healthcare. 

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Empowering employers

Good oral health is integral to overall health, and employers have a crucial role to play in supporting their workforce's health.

Providing access to dental services for employees can contribute to a healthier and more productive workforce. Yet only 3% of respondents say they have dental coverage through their employers.

With over a fifth of respondents saying they had taken up to a week off work due to dental pain, employers could see a tangible absence-reduction by providing oral health support.

While there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to the challenges revealed by the survey, the report highlights opportunities to alleviate some of the oral healthcare pressures faced by the UK. 

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