Questions about Simplyhealth Professionals

From Thursday 16th February 2017, Denplan and Denplan Pet Health Plans will be known as Simplyhealth Professionals.

Since Denplan and Simplyhealth joined forces in 2011, we've been working together successfully. So uniting under the Simplyhealth brand just makes sense. 

And we've a lot in common. 

Natural innovators, we've both grown in size and reputation. By working together, under one brand, we believe we can build on this shared reputation – ensuring a great future for you and your patients and clients. Helping people make the most of life is at the heart of what we do, it's our purpose, our commitment, our reason for being.

We've also created a helpful glossary which describes what's changing and what's staying the same with our terminology.

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Simplyhealth Professionals

We're becoming Simplyhealth Professionals.

What benefits will I as a member dentist see as a result of this change?

We believe there will be several direct benefits to our members from this change: 

  • More customers and increased footfall into practices of customers who are aware of the Denplan and Simplyhealth brands and looking for professionals to support them with their dental and everyday health needs
  • More products that will support the growth of your business, including our recent innovations for Hygiene plan and soon to launch Cosmetic plan, that will help you attract new patients to the practice as well as grow a regular income stream from existing patients
  • There is now more room than ever for your practice brand, as Denplan becomes focussed as the product brand for the payment plan in your practice
  • Continued support and investment from Denplan and Simplyhealth in bringing you new opportunities, expertise and patients to your practice. We'll continue to develop our Professionals Academy for training, as well as the Find a Dentist tool, that is currently searched by 15,000 users a month looking for a dental practice.
By losing the Denplan apple, will you not lose your most valuable identity tool?

No. The Denplan brand is more than an apple. A brand is a company’s reputation, culture and promise to its customers. We are still offering the same Denplan products and services from the same people. Although we will no longer have the apple logo, we believe that our new identity will enable us to highlight our strength in the everyday health care arena, and also branch into new areas of health in the future. 

Our rebrand will not happen overnight. It will take place during 2017 to give dentists and patients the time to understand our new identity. By making a stronger association with the Simplyhealth brand who support patients with their everyday health to make the most of life, we believe our unique consumer brand will be stronger than ever. An example of this would be national TV audiences of 5.5m people each year who will watch the nation getting fitter with the Simplyhealth 'Great Run' series.

How will you differentiate yourself from your competitors?

Our services and people have not changed – we're still the number one provider in our field, but will now be known as Simplyhealth Professionals and have rebranded ourselves so that we can go to market as one brand and identity, building on our shared expertise and reputations.  

We retain our patient facing Denplan brand that none of our competitors can offer, and the breadth of our members practices across the country. Currently over 4,300 practices are supported with the Denplan brand for their patients, and will be supported by Simplyhealth Professionals for their practice team.

What do we tell our patients?
You don't have to say anything to your patients at all. The Denplan name will still be used for our range of products. Plans are in place to tell patients and consumers of the change to 'Denplan from Simplyhealth' later in 2017, during the annual patient mailing in October.  

We felt it was important to tell you, our member practices first, rather than go directly to patients. In addition we know they are used to hearing from us and you each year in October.  
Within this new approach the Denplan ‘name’ still exists – where will it be used?

Denplan now exists as a 'product brand'. For example: Denplan Care or Denplan Essentials provided to you by Simplyhealth (if you’re a patient) or Simplyhealth Professionals (if you’re a dentist/healthcare professional). So it will be used where we’re specifically talking about our  payment plans or products.  Patients will continue to see the name Denplan on their statements when the Direct Debit for their Denplan payment plan is collected.

Why have you chosen a running sponsorship? How will that help me as a dentist?

The partnership with the Simplyhealth Great Run series was chosen as it provides a good fit both with many of our patients and practices who enjoy running as a pastime and source of general exercise. 

Our aim is to get one million people moving and to provide practical things in the healthcare space that will support your practice with patient engagement and brand awareness. The Denplan brand will remain in dentistry for your patients as the leading payment plan in dentistry, in time they will also come to recognise Simplyhealth as a company to support their overall health, as well as their families and pets too. Being part of that wider health affiliation will be positive for practices, patients as well as the organisation.

Why is this brand change coming now? 

Denplan has been part of Simplyhealth since 2011 and in the last few years we have undertaken a strategic review to ensure that the organisation as a whole is set up for success and that we all have a clear focus on the direction we want to head in. 

We have worked together to make these decisions and so now feels like the right time to rebrand ourselves as one voice and one brand which will encompass a number of different marketplaces, not just dental. So it made sense for us to rebrand ourselves under the overall Simplyhealth umbrella as Simplyhealth Professionals, although our service and people will remain the same.

So where does the Simplyhealth cash plan fit in?  Isn't it cheaper than Denplan, should I use that in practice now?

The cash plan is a very different product to a dental payment plan. Most importantly for you as a practice, the cash plan does not provide any business support to you as a practice team such as training or business planning or a guarantee of regular guaranteed income from your patients. 

Although cash plan has some coverage for dental treatment, it is a broad everyday health plan and it may not cover the full cost of your patients routine and restorative treatment. For example, to receive the maximum annual dental treatment benefit of £195, patients would pay £427.68 in premiums each year. Cash plan also does not cover emergency treatment received outside of the EEA or Switzerland if your patient is travelling.