Changing your Denplan provider

There are three simple steps to changing your dentist and ensuring that you keep all the benefits of your Denplan payment plan.

  1. Call your current dentist and ask them to complete a Patient Leaving Form for you. We recommend going to a final appointment with your current dentist, because if you have outstanding treatment when you visit your new dentist you will be charged privately to have this completed.

  2. Call us on 0800 401 402 once you’re ready to cancel the contract you hold with your current dentist. Alternatively you can email us. Your contract will end with your dentist on the last day of the month. We only need at least 21 days notice to cancel your contract, so if you contact us within a week of your last Denplan payment, you won’t need to make another payment until you've registered with your new Denplan provider.

  3. Call your new dentist and arrange your first appointment. Remember to tell them that you’re a Denplan patient, and ask if there is any initial assessment fee. You’ll need to complete an application form and sign a new contract with your dentist, and remember to take along your Patient Leaving Form from your previous dentist, if you have one.

We can send you a list of Denplan providers in your local area at your request; or you can search for a new dentist using our online Find a Dentist service.

If you’re rejoining onto a Denplan payment plan within six months of leaving there is no registration fee to pay.

Frequently asked questions about changing your Denplan dentist

Changing your dentist

Changing your Denplan provider is easy

Just follow our three simple steps.

Why do I need to cancel my contract when I want to continue with my plan?

You’ll need to cancel your old contract when you move (allowing for the 21 day notice period) and start a new contract with your new dentist. Your contract is designed and priced by your dentist. 

When you change to a new dentist they will want to see you to assess your oral health requirements and set your fees accordingly. We’d advise you have a final visit with your old dentist, if practical, to ensure any outstanding treatment is completed as your new dentist will charge you privately if you have outstanding treatment when you join them.

Why do I have to pay for my first appointment with my new dentist?

You may be asked to pay for your first appointment with your new Denplan provider. This is because they haven't seen you before, and will need time to assess your oral health in order to tailor your plan to your needs and set your monthly fee.

Will my monthly fee change if I change my dentist?

As each Denplan provider sets their own fees, it is likely that your new dentist will charge you a different amount. Your fee is based on your oral health, and the treatments you're likely to receive in the future.

Will there be a break in my cover?

We will confirm the date your contract with your current dentist will end when you call/ email us (see Step 2 above). You can then arrange to start your next contract with your new dentist, once your previous contract has expired. 

This will help you to avoid overlapping registrations and double payments when changing your dentist.

Will my plan change?

Clinical opinions between dentists can and do vary. Your new dentist may have a different opinion of your treatment needs, and there may be a difference in what is included and/or excluded from your new contract. Speak to your dentist about what you'll be covered for in your initial assessment to make sure you're aware of any differences.

If you'd like to talk to us about how to change your Denplan provider, you can give our Patient Support Team a call on 0800 401 402, or drop them an email.

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