Denplan Excel

An extensive certification programme for member Dentists


Changes to dental regulation can cause concern for many practices. We know that coping with changes in dental regulation is a concern for our practices. We also know that education and communication is of up-most importance in encouraging patients to maintain good oral health.

That’s why we developed Denplan Excel.

Recognised by the Oral Health Foundation, Denplan Excel is a clinical governance programme. A truly valuable compliance tool for dental practices.

Denplan Excel demonstrates professional excellence in your practice. Showing expertise in quality assurance, patient care and communication.

With Denplan Plus, our new support agreement, you can choose to add Excel as an additional benefit.*

*Excel membership available to Denplan Plus practices with 250 Denplan patients or more.

What is Denplan Excel


Denplan Excel is a certification programme for dentists to demonstrate excellence in quality assurance, patient care and communication. It shows how much you value and achieve high standards, and that your practice follows effective processes for complying with these regulations.


As a member dentist, you can apply for Denplan Excel certification and we will help you in setting up each component required to attain the certification.


Denplan Excel represents that your practice achieves high standards for your patients. And that you follow effective processes for complying with dental regulations.

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The benefits of Denplan Excel


  • Shows commitment to exceeding standards in dentistry and regulation compliance
  • Receive professional peer support to keep you up to date and motivated
  • Collect patient feedback with business development and patient survey
  • This allows you to plan improvements based on patient feedback and make suggested changes to your patient care
  • Get patient information leaflets supported by OHF and Plain English Campaign. Enhances patient understanding of the care and treatment available.

What's involved with the Denplan Excel certification?

You have to meet the following core components for the Denplan Excel certification:

  • The Denplan Quality Programme
  • The Business Development Patient Survey
  • Patient Information (PI)


The Practice Commitment


In applying for this prestigious certification each Denplan Excel practitioner and their team commit to support a consistent Practice Commitment.


The Denplan Excel certification programme bases its quality assurance on a consistent Practice Commitment which all certified dentists and their teams are asked to sign.


We provide very specific and practical supporting components, or tools which you can apply within your practice.


We'll support you and your team to set up each component in your practice.

How do I apply for Denplan Excel?


There are three steps to apply for Denplan Excel:

  1. Complete the application form online - You'll find this in the members' portal. We’ll then be in touch with next steps. 
  2. We’ll arrange training for your practice team, send you Denplan Excel materials and inform you how to start using the materials in practice. An assessment day will also be agreed in advance.
  3. Become certified! We’ll follow up with in-practice support to make sure you're comfortable with everything. The certification assessment will take place on the agreed date.

How much does it cost to apply for Denplan Excel?

Set-up fees


There is a one-off set-up fee of £110 per dentist, per practice. 


Included with the set-up fee:

  • Supply of all mandatory materials
  • Initial on-site Denplan Excel practice team training
  • Enhanced support from your business consultant and clinical teams
  • Certification assessment
  • Supply of plaque and certificate

Ongoing fees


There is a monthly ongoing fee which includes additional support. 


This cost varies based on the number of certified dentists and Denplan patients at the practice. Certified dentists can use their certification at an additional practice for no additional cost.


Included with the monthly fee:

  • Ongoing support from the Denplan team
  • Re-certification by a Practice Advisor, around every 18 months
  • Certification documents
  • Your business development patient survey and report

This is is worth (£1,320+VAT) 

Monthly fee (per certified dentist)

Denplan patient number Denplan Excel fee
3001+ £29.50
2001 - 3000 £40.00
751 - 2000 £46.00
251 - 750 £51.50
15 - 250* £110.00

* A minimum of 15 patients is required for us to facilitate your practice assessment

Contact us


If you’d like to know more about Denplan Excel

contact our Practice Support team on:


0800 328 3223