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We understand your patients are at the heart of what you do and why you do it, so we have created these pages for them. The articles draw on topics of interest for individuals and families from dental care and oral health to nutritious and inspiring recipes.

Tips and advice for your patients, helping the UK look after oral health: 

The effects of sugar on children’s teeth

Sweets in a bag on the table


Dr Suril Amin, at Gentle Dental Care surgery, explains how sugar can damage your teeth, and why we should be thinking about cutting quantity as well as frequency.

The truth on sugar

Top oral health tips for your child's school term

Child brushing her teeth before going to school


Dr Catherine Rutland offers her top oral health tips to help families plan for a tooth-happy school term, including friendly lunches and when to brush. 

Healthy teeth at school

How to get children brushing their teeth: 8 to 12 year olds

Mother and child brushing teeth together and smiling


We look at ways to get now independent ‘tweens’, aged between 8 and 12, to brush their teeth effectively. 

Get 8-12 year olds brushing

How to get children brushing their teeth: Toddlers

Toddler and mum learning to brush their teeth


How can you make your life, and your toddler’s life, a little bit easier when it comes to brushing? Catherine Rutland offers some top tips to tackle tricky toddlers.

Get your toddler brushing

Top 10 oral health tips

Pot of toothbrushes


To celebrate World Oral Health Day 2019, we've produced our top 10 tips to help you look after your teeth and gums. 

Tips for your teeth

The Sugar Tax one year on

Sugar cubes representing the Sugar Tax


How does the nation feel about the sugar tax one year on and has it affected our buying behaviour? We explore.

The Sugar Tax impact
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